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How to Make An Apartment Homey And Cozy

Apartment Essentials November 25, 2020

Contrary to popular beliefs, your apartment does not have to be as drab or boring. You have the whole room to yourself and you can make the most of it if you know how to decorate your apartment so that it becomes a lot cozier and warmer. You can truly make it feel just like home. If you haven’t figured it out already, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do if you are wondering how to make a apartment homey and comfortable. You’ll probably spend 4 to 6 years in apartment, many of which are in your apartment or apartment. Here are some of the ways you can make the apartment feel homey. If you are looking for inspiration of some of our favorite apartments, then make sure to check out the winning apartment of the months as well.

Personalize Your Apartment

Decorate your walls 

Your apartment will probably look very empty the second you step into one. This can often be very intimidating and demoralizing but don’t let such thoughts stop you from going to apartment. Instead, you should think of it as an amazing opportunity to personalize and decorate your room to your liking. You can start by decorating your walls as it is a great way to add life to your room. You can put up pictures of your family and friends or things that matter to you most. The best part about this is that you’ll get to see it every day in the morning and before you go to bed at night and at the same time get that warm fuzzy feeling you always loved. However, these are just basic ideas as you can go beyond just hanging photos. 

Corkboard & Whiteboard

This is fun but very practical. Hanging up a corkboard will help you to stay ahead of submission and homework by putting up a to-do-list on that board. Moreover, you can also put up some photos there and write quotes that inspire you and that you want to live by. Whiteboards also allow for your inner artist to shine.


You can make your apartment cozy and warm by hanging string lights. This is a way of giving your room a fabulous boho design. 

Photos and Artwork

You can put up canvas prints and photos of your friends and family in so many cool ways. You can choose to showcase them on a photo gallery wall, by leaning them against a mantel on a wall. You can put up frames on your bedside table or hang pictures from the ceiling using a cord. You are more into a gallery wall, mix and match with frames and artwork. 

Make Your Bed a Slice of Heaven 

You can always make your bed cozy as this will get you the sleep that you will value, especially during your midterms. This is especially important if you want to want to make the atmosphere similar to that of your home. Your bed is also a focal point of your room, so decorating it is critical. Here are some ways you can decorate your bed.

Pillow hills

Pillows are fluffy and adding more of them to your bed means that your bed will be so much cozier. You can go crazy with different colored pillows of all several shapes and sizes or even a custom pillow with your dog’s face on it maybe?

Blankets that give you warmth

Blankets are especially necessary as they keep you warm and cozy all year round, but they also have to make you feel comfortable when you look at them don’t they? This is why you need to get a good comforter or something brightly colored or with neutral hues. You can decide what floats your boat. You can also get fuzzier looking and colorful blankets to go over it.

An Awesome Study Space 

As much as you do not want to acknowledge the fact, it’s inevitable that you’ll be engaged in your studies most of the time. You’re in apartment, what did you expect? Yet, if you work in a very welcoming study space, you’ll soon realize that studying is not as daunting as you might have thought before. The motivation to study and to stay focused sometimes depends on the elements around you and here are a few things you can do to make your study or work area more interesting.

Flowers and Plants

This is all about giving your workspace life and air. These are also really good decorative elements as it helps you make your work area feel a lot homier and more alive. However, if you do not have the time to water them often, think about getting a cute and small cactus instead. 

Pen Holders

A penholder does not have to be boring as well. You may get one that holds cards, pens, sticky notes, your wallet, and your phone. There are so many options to choose from. Moreover, you’re in the 21st century. Therefore, most of your work will be done digitally but it’s always nice to note something down or highlight important information that you need to remember. This is how you can be inventive with your pen holders. Moreover, a penholder can be anything from a wood-carved holder to your favorite mug. You need to choose something of an interesting shape and color so that it really grabs your attention. This is what will get you pretty excited the second you reach out for your materials while you do your homework. 

A Personal Desk Lamp

Not only does it work as a study light but gives your work area a finishing touch by adding a cozy vibe to it. You may want to find a lamp that fits perfectly with the style of your apartment. 

Accessorize & Decorate

This is another way to fill your room with interesting objects that enliven the entire atmosphere. Beautiful blinds, candles, tapestry, photo collage, bookshelves, a nice rug, more potted plants, and flowers are some really good options that’ll speak to you while you are alone in your room. 

These are some of the basics you have to know to personalize your apartment to your liking. This is a great thing to do if you are wondering how to make a apartment homey, but did you know there are other incredible ways you can make the atmosphere more bespoke? Going beyond the basics needs a little more time, effort, and the proper mindset, but you will truly get your money’s worth if you can get your apartment to truly speak to you for the years ahead at apartment. 

What about a Roommate?

There could be circumstances that may need you to share your room with another apartment worker. This will become especially hard to personalize your room to your liking but it is not impossible. This is, however, another way to explore yourself with a blend of different styles that will also relate to what you initially wanted. You and your roommate can agree on a color palette that you like. Roommates will have different tastes and prefer flavors that you never thought of before, and may even be into the idea. How cool is that? It’s good to acknowledge the fact that we have much to learn about ourselves and sticking to our norms and preferences can get boring at times and roommates can help teach us more about what could be done to make the atmosphere even cozier. 

Roommates, as mentioned earlier will prefer to have different colored hues within a room, but you can talk to them if something is being used against your liking and search for common grounds by choosing a unifying color to blend different designs and textures. For example, a turquoise color can elicit an exhilarating and beachy vibe to your room and emanate an accent of eclecticism. 

You can even get a pillow that coordinates well with the other bed’s blanket. It’s just how you and your roommate mix and match items so that you can both feel at home at the end of the day. In this way, you can teach each other a thing or two about interior planning. 

Beyond the Basics

We have discussed some simple steps you can take to make your apartment to your liking, as well as how to blend your atmosphere if you have a roommate for the perfect fusion. Now we are going deep into the specifics of how to truly project your personality in your room, so that when people come to visit you, they’ll see a big part of you: the walls, on your furniture, and in your closet. This is why you should also think about how you can decorate your room with appliances and furniture for a homelier atmosphere. 

About the Fridge 

Students usually fancy a mini-fridge in their apartment. To make your room cozier, stock up on snacks and beverages that you love to munch on at night or in between hall visits. Having such snacks and beverages right at your fingertips will add to a comfortable reminder of a homely atmosphere. Other than that, you can have your favorite homemade dishes that will last you for two weeks before you leave home. This is also a neat touch to get over homesickness. 

Drapes & Curtains

Standard curtains do not look welcoming and can often depress you into thinking you are in a nursing home. This is horrible especially when you are already homesick. What you can do is you can either take curtains that you already have in your room at home. It will feel as if you never left home. Or, get new ones that you think will keep you feeling fuzzy and warm. It’s essential that you choose fabrics of a soothing texture, design, and color.


We have already talked about string lights and lamps. However, you can go far beyond that. If you have fluorescent lighting that is found in most apartments, it will not make you feel any cozier when you need to study or work. String lights and lamps are fine when you are snoozing or taking a break, but you need brighter options for the day too. Fluorescent bulbs make you feel like you are in a hospital. This is not a very good feeling, is it? 

If your apartment does not facilitate alternative lights, it’s high time that you buy your own. A light that has a soft yellow glow to it will go a long way if you are thinking about how to make a apartment homey, but don’t bring candles to your apartment as they can be fire hazards and are often prohibited. 

To get the most of the ambience, you can also think of decorating for the themes of the season, such as halloween, christmas, or valentines.


Apartments inform working professionals about the risks of burning things within the campus or inside apartments. These are often restricted and working professionals are asked not to bring scented candles or incense cones. However, do not stop yourself from making your apartment any less cozy. You can still make your apartment smell inviting and very cozy through safer options such as electric scents that plug-in to a power socket or you can also use oil diffusers. Select a range of inherently cozy scents. Some of the best flavors we could suggest are fir, cinnamon, pine, or scents that associate with holidays. 

Furniture Arrangement 

Much can be done about it. You have to fill empty spaces in your room with some functional furniture to make it feel like it’s not a hospital. Get bookcases or milk crates to add that filling vibe to your room. Moreover, if you have to loft your bed, hang fabric sheets from above. Furthermore, you can also absorb all the empty spaces in your room by getting over-sized chairs or storage containers which you can store under your bed when you do not need them. You may also want to add extra cushions and pillows along with a thick mattress on your bed to further for an added touch. Either take these items from home, buy them brand new, or visit a garage sale to get these items. You’ll surely find something you would like.


Now, this is the most interesting and the most critical topic of discussion here. Electronic items have a way of interacting with you. Of course, the right furniture and the right decorations will make it feel cozy, but if you have something that emits bright lights, sound, and movement to your room. This will eliminate any inanimate feeling that you will have if you only have a laptop and your phone to work with and nothing else. Furniture does not move or emanate anything. They are just there serving the purpose. 

Some of the best electronic items you would love to have, which can further enhance the feeling of being right at home are quality speakers, good headphones, a tablet, a big TV, and probably a PlayStation or an Xbox if you are a heavy gamer.

Each of the mentioned electronics has its purpose. A Bluetooth speaker will help you listen to your favorite tunes while you relax on your bed as a headphone may not always seem comfortable, but you definitely need good headphones, especially if you work out. This will help you from being distracted from other sounds while you concentrate on your exercises. 

Furthermore, you may also want to get a TV to enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows when you need to catch a break, and if you are a gamer, a gaming console is a must. This will help you unwind, and what could be better than playing online with friends and family from home? This will keep you from being homesick. Other than that, you might also think about buying a tablet pc before you head over to apartment. The thin and light form factor means that you can take it anywhere and also use it comfortably on your bed and talk to your family and friends over video-call. This is a good alternative to your laptop computer as tablets are super portable and you can keep it on your bed and attend video calls all day without having to worry about the battery being drained after a few hours of use as laptop computers are not that great with battery life.


Final Thoughts

These are some of the ways of how you can make a apartment homey. Your apartment life is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have before you start working and make the journey a little interesting will give something to remember. This is the time you will stay away from home and the most critical time to live just like the way you want. You can decorate your room the way you want to. With so many options available to you such as decorative elements, electronics, and furniture, nothing is stopping you from making the apartment just the way you need it to be for your comfort and satisfaction. We hope this guide has answered your questions on how to make a apartment homey and you can turn these suggestions into actions. 

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