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5 of the Best Storage Drawers for Apartment

Apartment Essentials November 25, 2020

Switching to a apartment from your bedroom is not a comfortable upgrade and the issue becomes severe when you are sharing the tiny space with someone else which leaves very little space for yourself to sleep, live and studySetting up a apartment is not difficult but making the tiny space useful in every possible way is not effortless either. Apart from making the apartment cozy as well as a productive study space, there is a common need to effectively store all the necessities in a meager space to keep it livable.

Storage drawers for apartments are very important as it can help sort items according to a category, reduce clutter, and make the apartment look spacious. Keeping in mind the essential factors for your storage organizer to have, there’s no other rule to apartment organizing. Maximizing the tiny apartment space without blowing the budget is pretty tough, but there are a number of items you can getThe quality, material used, size, items that we want to store, price – everything needs to be considered according to the place you’re getting this for. Weeding through a lot of pieces that are lacking in functionality or durability is what everyone has to go through to find the right furniture. To avoid cluttering and avoiding causing a mess, there is a need for perfect storage to keep everything organized. Finding the right storage furniture to make the best use of every square foot of the room can be a bit of a challenge. 

Since space horizontally is already too small in a apartment, storage drawers that utilize the vertical space would be the best choice to maximize the living area and utilize the vertical space to its full potential. The other factors that need consideration before buying a storage drawers unit for a apartment are weight, height, width, quality, and price. The storage drawers that are lightweight and made in a way that makes it easy to move and portable get the priority. The height of the storage drawer unit should be taller because the working professionals living in apartments have to utilize as much space vertically as possible and the width should be smaller for the storage unit to sit without occupying too much space. 

The quality of the storage unit should be good enough for it to last a few years. The price of the storage drawers for the apartment must be affordable because in the apartment, the functionality of a storage unit is more important than fancy designs and generally working professionals have tighter budgets meaning less money to spend. To help you all further with making the right storage decision, we have researched and found out the best storage drawers for apartment dwellers that fulfill all the storage needs and wants, while trying our best to consider budget. Now all you need is a few minutes to check the best storage drawers for apartments and make the final purchase decision! 

IRIS 7 Stacking Drawer for Apartment

Product Link: Click here 

IRIS Stacking Drawers are a very convenient and flexible storage solution for small spaces. The drawers are stackable and come in various sizes and colors. One can choose from units of varying sizes to make a customized modular storage system that matches his needs. Multiple drawer units of varying sizes can be stacked for custom needs. The IRIS Stacking drawers feature a modern workic design. 

IRIS Stacking Drawers are stackable so it’s great for utilizing as much vertical space as possible by making the stack of drawers taller instead of wider. It has a built-in organizer top for accessibility. IRIS Stacking Drawers have clear drawers. The clear drawers make identifying the items inside easy. Options for 17 quart vs a smaller 7 quart are available, so you can pick the size you need.

The dimensions of IRIS Stacking Drawers are 14.25″L x 12.05″W x 8.39″H. The drawers are made of plastic and can hold up to 5 pounds each. There are both shallow and deep drawers. The shallow drawers have a weight capacity of 2.5 pounds and the deep drawers have a weight capacity of 10 pounds. The drawers have a built-in handle for easy opening. The drawer movement is smooth and there are stops installed that prevent the drawer from falling out of the frame and causing accidents. 

This IRIS stacking drawer is one of the best storage drawers for the apartment because it makes organizing clothes, books, stationeries to bathroom essentials, and shoes – anything easier. The weight of this storage drawer is only 2.2 pound and has wheels underneath that makes it easy to move and relocate. These features are great for a apartment. There’s no assembly required for this item as well. Multiple sizes of drawers can be stacked together which makes satisfying the custom needs of everyone easy. The price of the item is pretty affordable. The quality is good and the product is said to be worth the price. This is one of the best storage drawer options to consider for a apartment worker.


  1. Easy open drawers 
  2. Built-in handles
  3. Four color options
  4. No assembly required
  5. Drawer stop for preventing open drawers from falling out
  6. Clear drawers make it easier to identify what’s inside.
  7. Four color options to choose from
  8. Multiple numbers of drawer options
  9. Stacks on top of each other
  10. Different sizes of drawers can be stacked together for different custom needs
  11. Affordable
  12. Wheels can be unattached.


SONGMICS Closet Drawers for Apartment 

Product Link: Click here

 This SONGMICS 3-Tier Closet Drawer is a great choice to easily tame the mess and bring back the tidy feeling anywhere. This drawer can be a good alternative to a regular bulky dresser for its great functionality. This SONGMICS 3-Tier Closet Drawer is crafted with a wooden tabletop and metal frame that makes the dresser stable and durable. The SONGMICS Closet Drawer can hold up to 66 pounds.

The closet drawer set is made of fabric and rigid metal. The iron frames offer stability and stable support for the soft fabric boxes. The drawer is easy to assemble and very lightweight thus easy to move. It has 6 spacious drawers that you can sort items by type. It offers a great saving storage unit. 

The material of the SONGMICS Closet Drawer is Medium Density Fiberboard, Iron, Non-Woven Fabric, Oxford Fabric. The product size measurement is 31.5″L x 11.8″W x 24.8″H (80 x 30 x 63 cm). 

The SONGMICS organizer drawer comes in many different sizes, shapes, and e different colors. There is a suitable option for everyone. The drawers are very deep and can hold quite a lot of things. The static load capacity of each drawer is 6.6 lb (3 kg). The static load capacity of the tabletop is 33 lb (15 kg). This piece has a hard, sturdy top that can be used for storing items. Overall, it’s a well-constructed product. This 3-Tier Closet drawer is pretty small. It’s perfect for smaller spaces and the price is pretty affordable making it suitable for working professionals living in apartments. For storing clothes, throwing random essentials, work, and desk storage stuff inside, this is very useful. The drawers are great for storing paper, magazines apart from clothes. It’s pretty looking and easy to maintain too, wipe it with a wet cloth and it’s effortlessly clean. 


  1. various sizes and shapes available
  2. Easy to assemble, takes around 20-25 minutes to put together
  3. Well-constructed unit
  4. Great alternative to big, bulky dressers
  5. Lightweight
  6. Study and sleek aesthetically pleasing design
  7. Comes in white and light grey
  8. Rounded corners for safety
  9. Screw-in leveling feet for adjusting level and to protect the floor
  10. Comes with wall attachment
  11. Great value for the price.


KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer for Apartment

Product Link: Click here

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer focuses on convenience and durability. This fabric drawer dresser is made of ECO-friendly natural materials. It is made of a reliable, sturdy metal frame and durable MDF wood top, high-quality linen has been used for the front side of the drawers and breathable non-woven synthetic fabric used for other sides. Stability has been enforced with a set of X elastic strap in the back of the dresser. Unlike similar products, KINWELL extra wide fabric storage organizer has a 2mm MDF board as the bottom and front to prevent sag instead of paper board. This quality makes the product stand out very well. Plastic handles on the drawers make a slide in and out easier than ever. The structure of the whole dresser is made to be long-lasting furniture for smart storing purposes. KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer also comes in many different colors and sizes to cater to custom needs.

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer is a multipurpose drawer unit. It can be easily fit in daily circumstances. The installation process of this storage organizer is hassle-free. A detailed manual guide and the hardware is included in the packaging. All we need to do to install this is gathering a little energy to fasten some screws. 

It takes about an hour to put together. The drawers are deep and suitable for storing clothes. The nice wooden top shelf can be used to store things on. Overall, the price is a little higher but the quality is worth it. It is one of the best storage drawers for the apartment. 


  1. Great value for money
  2. Plastic handle on fabric drawers
  3. Fresh and natural pastoral style
  4. Adjustable feet
  5. Extra wide storage unit
  6. MDF bottom at the bottom and front to prevent sag
  7. Offers stability and durability

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 Drawers – Bedside Furniture & Accent End Table Chest for Apartment Apartment

Product Link: Click here 

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers does not take much space but has great storage capacity. This nightstand measures approximately 25” L x 11.87” W x 28.75” H.

The design is stylish as well as functional with a small dresser chest, complete with a wooden surface and storage drawers. This storage drawer comes with both large and small sizes of drawers. The wood top provides a hard surface for displaying items like lamps, alarm clocks, toiletries, gadgets, accessories, blankets, linens, cosmetics, hair/beauty products, baby clothes, lingerie, socks, paperwork, toys, blankets, knitting supplies, etc. This nightstand is suitable for a apartment or any small apartment for its small size but better-storing capacities. The design complements most décor whether traditional, rustic, or modern. 

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers has removable and foldable drawers. The material of the drawer is breathable, non-woven soft fabric that is also easy to wipe clean. The frames are made with strong steel and durable MDF wood has been used to create the top with a smooth finish. The nightstand needs assembly. Hardware and instruction manual are included. The drawers are removable and foldable. It has an easy pull handle for quiet opening and closing. The removable drawers can be folded flat for easy storage when not in use which helps to save space as well. The entire nightstand is very lightweight, portable, and easy to relocate to different spaces. These features have made us choose the nightstand as one of the best storage drawers for the apartment. The most attractive thing about these drawers is two sizes of drawers. Two sizes of drawers make it easy to keep small things separately and make the small things to get located easily and keep effortlessly organized. 


  1. Wood top provides a hard surface for display storage 
  2. Removable and foldable drawers
  3. Portable and lightweight
  4. Easy to relocate
  5. Two sizes of drawers
  6. Deep drawers, made of non-woven fabric
  7. Built-in handles
  8. Minimal assembly required
  9. Comes in multiple different designs
  10. Lightweight


Nafenai Plastic Drawers Dresser, Storage Cabinet with 6 Drawers for Apartment

Product Link: Click here

Nefani Plastic Drawers are spacious storage drawers with an overall dimension of 23.62″W x 15.74″D x 39″ H. These modern and elegant looking storage drawers are great for apartments. The storage drawers are spacious. The Nefani Plastic dresser is made of high-grade PP plastic, which is a safe material of environmental protection, health, and durability.

Overall, it is a sturdy dresser. It is lightweight and waterproof making it easy to move and clean. The storage cabinet has wheels installed making it easier to move anywhere. Which is a good feature for tight apartment spaces. The organizer features 4 large drawers and top 2 small cabinets locker(with keys), 6 drawers for large storage space. So, there is a need to get a different locker for storing private things in the apartment. The drawers have easy pull-on handles with drawer stops to prevent it from falling and causing accidents. This 6 drawer organizer requires assembly. The storage cabinet is easy to assemble and all the mounting hardware and instruction manual are included in the package. This a multipurpose and versatile storage option for small spaces, especially condos and apartments. This is the most expensive storage drawer on our list but the quality of the product makes up for it.


  1. Stable but lightweight
  2. Has wheels installed 
  3. Has a barrier against moisture
  4. Top 2 drawers have locks installed
  5. High load capacity 
  6. Top two drawers have locks installed
  7. Table corners are curved for safety 
  8. Has drawer stops to prevent drawers from falling out
  9. Large capacity storage
  10. A little on the expensive side but the quality is worth it.


Now that you are done checking out the 5 best storage drawers for the apartment chosen by us, it’s your turn to choose according to what factor matters the most to you. All the above-mentioned storage drawers have all the features that are expected from a storage drawer unit for a apartment – being compact, sturdy, multifunctional, affordable, space-saving, and safe to different degrees. 

The IRIS stacking drawers offer flexibility, portability more than anything else. The SONGMICS Closet Drawer focuses on catering to different customer needs with different sizes of storage drawers. One just has to choose the one that suits their needs best. Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers offers multifunctionality at a great value for the price with added aesthetic marble touch. The KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer focuses more on durability and stability than any other above-mentioned drawer units. The Nefani plastic drawers are the most expensive on the list but offer great quality that may last from a worker’s apartment to their first apartment. According to us, these are the 5 best storage drawers for a apartment that have focused on different features but we have made sure all the other features to be favorable for any apartment dweller. Now it’s your turn to determine what feature is the most important to you to choose one of the 5 best storage drawers over another.

Bottom Line:

The key to small-space living is simple, we need to organize. Generally, tiny space comes with a huge lack of storage. So, there is a need to add storage wherever it is possible. Everything should have a place in your apartment. We firmly believe that the above mentioned five best storage drawers for apartment rooms will help anyone turn their apartment into a comfortable and functional space as well as a productivity booster.

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