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Best Apartment Plants

Apartment Essentials July 19, 2020

For most, apartment is the first time you’re away from home, and it means it’s also the first time you need to truly be responsible for yourself – and your apartment plants! Make your apartment feel like your own little home with the addition of a apartment plant! Positive vibes from this natural addition from your room will be sure to make this more than a nice addition to your desk or window sill. To help find the best apartment plants that fit in a apartment, we’ve compiled the following Apartment Essentials top 10 apartment plants (spoiler alert: they are all real or fake succulents). Don’t forget to add a pot for your new apartment plants too!

1. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Wall Planters Set of 3 Modern Flower Plant Pots for Apartment

While picking the succulents below, make sure to have a good hanging planter ready! These wall hanging planter can be used to add some vertical greenery to any wall in your home, great to display your lovely plants like cactus, herbs, succulents, air plants or other small plant. Beautifully for storage paint brushes, pens or other small things. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Succulent Plants Live (5 Pack), Fully Rooted Succulents Apartment Plants

HAND SELECTED SUCCULENT PLANTS: Each succulent pack is hand-picked with care from our Organically grown greenhouses. You will receive a unique collection of FULLY ROOTED 2 INCH POTTED succulents similar to the ones pictured. Note that our nursery growing cycle changes year-round, so varieties/species we send will vary weekly.

3. Artificial Sunflowers Pot, Silky Artificial Sunflower Metal Pot Bonsai

UNIQUE DESIGN: Exquisite sunflower bouquet, soft flowers, vivid and realisc, lifelike, looks more natural and beautiful, suitable for wedding decoration, table setting, and elegant home decoration. SAFE & DURABLE: This artificial flower bouquets are made of eco-friendly plastic, looks natural, generous and elegant. Natural fresh color, non-toxic and harmless, safely, eco-friendly, well made and vibrantly colored.

4. Echeveria Succulent Apartment Plant (2.5 inch, graptoveria Bashful) by Fat Plants San Diego

Look no further than this succulent if your a fan of many small leaves. Similar to a cactus in appearance, this graptoveria bashful echeveria is an eye catcher and pleasant visual addition to any apartment.

5. Mkono Macrame Apartment Plant Hanger Hanging Planter

Note: this is just a hanger for the apartment, you still need the plant! Since this macrame plant hanger can hang from the ceiling or wall, you save space and beautify any indoor and outdoor corner spaces, also be a wonderful gift for plant lovers or as a housewarming gift. Size: 41″ Length and 46″ Length.

6. Burrito Succulent, 2

While the Burrito Sedum in 2″ pot is a top contender for cute succulent, the smaller and less uniform size leaves it on a lower position on our list, although how can you say no to those cute petals?

7. Small Desktop Artificial Succulent Apartment Plant with Natural Clay Pot from Allgala

Needing to care for a live plant may be too much added stress to your work life, so we added some artificial plants to the mix. This cactus offers a nice vibrant flower to add some color to your apartment.

8. Bornbridge Artificial Succulent with Ceramic Geometric Planter – Haworthia Succulent

Zero maintenance, a beautiful planter and the appearance of a succulent? This is another artificial low stress winner.

9. Small Desktop Artificial Succulent Apartment Plant with Natural Clay Pot by Allgala

This artificial plant offers multiple layers of leaves to try to mimic the natural appearance of a plant and comes out visually appealing. A nice addition for those looking for an artificial alternative.

10. Artificial Bonsai Juniper Tree by yoerm

Bonsai tree is often considered to bring good luck and wealth, two good things for working professionals. As a faux plant no need to stress about caring for this one either!

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