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The Best Apartment Curtains

Apartment Essentials November 5, 2020

You’ve just reached your apartment and realize there large window in your room has no curtains! If your like us, you prefer to wake up on your own schedule and not when the sun rises, as well as the privacy that comes with it. Get better sleep and control the lighting, heat, and privacy in your apartments with apartment curtains. There are also soundproof curtains you can find for the apartment. We’ve compiled a list of our top apartment curtains that will both fit your room’s appearance and size, making each the items in our list the best apartment curtain. You can find advice on hanging these apartment curtains without using nails here.

1. Gray Weaved Apartment Curtains

These Triple weave blackout fabric balance room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill. They block the sun and provide privacy, while coming in an assortment of colors to match your dorm room décor. This makes these one of the best apartment curtains.

2. Blue Apartment Curtain with Metal Grommets

Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets on top. Each grommet inner diameter is 1.6 inch, comparable with most rods. Easy to hang, and slide smoothly. These also common in multiple colors and sizes, making them one of the best apartment curtains.

3. Foil Printed Decorative Apartment Curtain

Deconovo blackout panels are made of 100 percent high quality polyester fabric. Imported, each blockout curtain panel has a foil printed wave lines with dots pattern and they are silky, soft, drapery and soft to the touch. These apartment curtains have a unique look that make them fit in a well themed apartment.

4. Pink Pom Pom Apartment Curtains

These are some very cute apartment curtains with pom pom tassels that will make your dorm room stand out. Not only functional, these are some of the most aesthetic apartment curtains we have seen to improve the look of your apartment.

5. Lighted LED Apartment Curtains

Note these curtains do not come with curtains, but are a curtain of 300 LEDs making them a very unique addition to your dorm room. If your trying to up the unique lighting game in your room, consider these LED apartment curtains.

Curtain Rods

In the event your apartment is missing a curtain rod to hang your curtains, we suggest this adjustable 72 to 144 inch curtain rod. We note the curtains do not come with curtain rods so new dorm curtain rods may be needed. The article has many more tension based no drill rods as well.

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