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How to Hang Apartment Curtains Without Nails

Apartment Essentials April 9, 2022

One of the most infuriating aspects of renting a apartment is the inability to freely drill holes in the walls for curtains or artwork, without putting your security deposit at risk. The obstacles of renting an apartment are unique. You’d like to arrange your apartment to your liking and make it seem like home, but all of the rules and constraints might make that impossible. Depending on your owner and the terms of your contract, you will not be permitted to disrupt the property or even drill any holes in the walls of that property without risking losing your money.

As a consequence, tenants are usually required to invent methods of adorning their room that does not entail any use of nailing the walls. The double-sided mounting tape will work for light items such as photo frames and paintings. But when it involves heavy items like cabinets, lamp fixtures, and drape poles, you’ll require something a little more powerful.

8 Ways to Hang Apartment Curtains Without Using Nails

First and foremost, check to verify if your apartment does have hooks installed above the windows. Because most individuals want to have drapes installed in their homes, some property owners will give them the necessary equipment without hesitation.

It’s always exciting to move into a new apartment and start planning how to decorate it. However, you should be aware of the walls if you are renting. A few nail holes may be easily repaired. However, you’ll have to think of alternative options unless you want to cover your windows with draperies without drilling.

While renting a property, you may want to add curtains to your apartment without placing holes in the walls. These no-drill curtain options can let you hang curtains without hurting your walls or woodwork. 

There are several non-drilling methods for hanging drapes in a rental apartment. You may have the style you want while protecting the walls using the magnetic hooks, Command hooks, and drape tie-backs. A few other options at the end of our list may also involve drilling, but are minimal and can be hidden from view.

Tension Rod

The most common and easiest technique to avoid creating a hole in your wall is to use a tension rod. It works similarly to shower curtain rods, also being that they expand to whatever width you want and then remain intact. We have 4 of our favorites listed in the article below.

If you have conventional paned windows with frames, tension rods that span from one side of the frame to the other are a discreet and classy method to hang curtains. Hang sheer, lightweight curtains, such as those seen in this sitting room with a narrow curtain rod, no wider than 7/16 inch, for a delicate look. Depending on your look and how much privacy you need, position the rod at the top of the window for maximum coverage or lower for a country-curtain look.

A no curtain rod folds elegantly into windows and makes curtain installation a breeze. The primary downside is that the curtains will partially hide the window, therefore hanging only a drape or using tie-back to shove this slightly.

Magnetic Curtain Rod

It is by far the most practical curtain rod ever developed. The temporary curtain rod will adhere to the door, allowing you to simply open and close your curtains without fear of them falling down. To avoid drilling while hanging a curtain over a metal door window, use a magnetic curtain rod. Then, when it’s time to relocate, simply snap the rod off the door, and you’re done!

However, there are several clear drawbacks to using this sort of curtain rod. A magnetic rod cannot be installed on wood or drywall unless it is adhered to the door or wall using a strong adhesive.

While magnetic rods’ patterns and colors are fairly restricted compared to standard curtain rods, there are still a few alternatives to pick from.

  • Magnetic curtain rods are available from a variety of manufacturers, including:
  • Magnetic Cafe Rod by Levolor – comes in White and Satin Nickel.
  • Kirsch Magnetic Rod – comes in White.
  • Sidelight Magnetic Rods – comes in White and Ivory. 
  • Whole-Home Magnetic Rods – comes in White and Ivory.
  • Magnetic Nickel Cafe Rod by Kenney Manufacturing – comes in Satin Nickel.

Stick On

A stick-on curtain rod allows your drape to stick in the window without the need for nails or screws while yet giving them the appearance of traditional drapes. It will allow you to hang curtains without drilling the walls and without jeopardizing the desired aesthetic. Unlike many other temporary curtain rod options, this one allows you to hang the rod as high as you want, with it jutting out on each side of the window as far as you like.

Command Hooks

Another alternative for covering your windows without scratching your wall is using command hooks, similar to drape rods. They are, in fact, designed specifically for this reason.

On both sides of the window, stick a hook and thread a rod through it, and you’re set! If you want to open and shut the drapes frequently, you must probably support the pipe to the hooks in some way, such as with thread, so this doesn’t sag.

Twist & Fit

Twist and fit curtain rods are another great option for those who wish to hang curtains without making holes in walls.

The detachable curtain rod functions similarly to a tension rod but has ornamental ends that protrude from the window and allow you to connect a genuine curtain rod to them, allowing the curtains to hang in front of the window rather than within it.

NoNo Brackets

Suppose your condo comes with vertical or horizontal slats. Although there are no drape poles, you’ll need to buy extra NoNo brackets. These useful hooks are customizable and attach directly to your curtains, eliminating such a need to damage the walls in any manner. They work quite as well and are as durable as the real thing, plus they don’t require any tools. It is, without a doubt, the best tool.


Apply S-hook to pull your window shade for your gorgeous airy window curtains. On one side, the holder is hooked into the roof panels, whereas the other side is twisted to suit the custom PVC pipe rod. S-hooks can be used to achieve the same result as tension or shower bar. This equipment has a nice appearance and is ideally suited for lighter weight, like these gorgeous transparent, airy drapes.

Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets

Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets are secured in place with a series of pins that connect to the top of your window frame. They are simple to install and can withstand the weight of the rod and curtains. Position the Kwik-Hang bracket on the upper corner of the window using a hammer. Tap it in and do the same on the opposite side. Put your curtain rods in the brackets, and you’re done! 

The only little issue with using Kwik-Hang Brackets is that there is a slight gap between the molding and the wall where these would sit, so the brackets do not stay tight against the wall.


4 Best Decorative Adjustable No Nail Apartment Tension Curtain Rods

SnugSet Apartment Tension Curtain Rod

Decorate your house with Snug Set’s stylish, simple, adjustable tension curtain rod. The elegant finials and brackets add a polished finish to any area and are simple to install in seconds without the use of any equipment. Beautiful bronze finish. 7/8-inch diameter rod Tension system or supplied screws for permanent attachment system safely and firmly supports your large or lightweight curtain panels. Optional mounting gear is available for alternate setups.

Amazer Apartment Spring Tension Curtain Rod

Amazer’s tension curtain rod is sleek, uncomplicated, adjustable to any window place that will add a touch of elegance to your home. This tension curtain road can be used on any surface, including smooth and rough surfaces such as wallpaper walls, tile walls, wooden frames, and so on. The attractive Nickel curtain rod finish is both long-lasting and chip-resistant. Tension mounting is simple to install, with no cutting, drilling, or tools required.

Ivilon Apartment Tension Curtain Rod

The Ivilon’s tension rod will give your decor a fresh touch of sophistication. This tension rod is versatile and comes ready to install with easy-to-follow instructions and no additional hardware or equipment. It is a simple method to enhance and beautify any room in your house, and it comes in a minimalist modern style. Indoors and out, it may be utilized as a bathroom shower bar, window curtains, room dividers, entrances, doors, closet doors, and more. Rubber that is rust-resistant, non-slip, scratch-resistant, and non-marking. The rods are kept from dropping or drooping by larger springs and thicker rods. Each tension rod is carefully wrapped in a durable, environmentally friendly corrugated box.

Umimile Apartment Tension Curtain Rod

The tension rod on the Umimile will add a new level of refinement to your house’s window. From 51 to 126 inches, the adjustable window curtain rod is offered. It simply requires length modification via the adjustment button, allowing you to swiftly and conveniently install the tension rod without drilling, screws, or any other equipment. This tension rod may be utilized in a variety of locations throughout the house, including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and balcony. It may be used to hang privacy or blackout curtains in a doorway or a bedroom window. This tension rod may be used on any smooth or rough surface, such as wallpaper, paint, tile, wood frames, and so on. The rubber plate will not scratch the installation surface.

How to Prevent a Apartment Tension Rod From Falling

Tension rod caps are frequently made of plastic, but even rubber ones are so incompressible that they cannot be held by damp, flat surfaces such as tile or fiberglass. You may repair this by bonding rubber shelf liner material to the ends with a strong glue, such as two-part epoxy or contact cement. The lining material is non-abrasive to the wall and is simple to cut to the curves of the caps with scissors. Tightening the tension rod enough to compress the liner should make the rod tight enough to retain even a thick window curtain.

Bottom Line

If you prefer the vintage window curtain style or don’t mind hanging curtains without rods, you may do it without causing any harm to your walls. These no-drill curtain alternatives are simple, cost-effective, and damage-free, allowing you to hang curtains without damaging your walls.

Tension rods, stick-on rods, Command hooks, a tension rod, NoNo brackets, or Simple Fit shades are all inventive methods to avoid drilling into your walls without compromising style as long as your lease.


Have fun with your decorations!

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