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10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Apartments

Apartment Essentials November 27, 2020

“Soundproof” means something that can block out all sound. A soundproof room is where no sound can go in or out of the room. Soundproofing a room is not an easy task. The technical work and architecture for that are quite complex. If you think using soundproof curtains for apartments would block out all the sound from outside, you would be very wrong.

These types of curtains can reduce the amount of noise that is transmitted from the outside. If you live in an urban area, or just a generally noisy environment like a apartment, soundproof curtains can help keep the noise level low enough for you to focus on your work. They are also a way to help find better sleep if light and noise are keeping you up.

In a apartment, sound can often be an issue, especially when exams are around the corner. Having soundproof curtains for apartments can make these sounds tolerable and you can concentrate better on your studies. As the name soundproof curtains suggests, they actually work by reducing the sound. These curtains work as a kind of filter so so noise travelling either in or out receives a level of filtering. The curtains would block noise from outside as well as prevent any noise in your room from going out.

Choosing the best soundproof curtains for your apartment might be quite difficult considering there are tons of options to weigh. This article should help you come to a decision faster. We did some research on soundproof curtains for apartments to make our top list. If you’re interested in curtains for blackout or looks, then check out our favorite apartment curtains here. Otherwise, check out the soundproof curtains we picked out and one of them may even end up in your window.

Things to Consider before Buying Soundproof curtains for Apartments

Complete soundproofing with curtains is impossible to get. But you can surely get filtered out the noise which would make it easier to focus on your work or studies. Before we dive into the best soundproofing curtains for your apartment, there are some factors to consider before you decide to purchase one. We also have advice on the best ways to hang these curtains without using nails here.


Since you are looking for curtains that can absorb noise, look for the pretty dense ones. Many of these curtains have double or triple layers which make these capable enough to block out unwanted noise for the most part. Whether you pick the tightly woven ones or the ones with thermal insulation, soundproof curtains are good at absorbing noise.

Polyester fabric is a common thing you would notice in these curtains. Sometimes there are two or three layers of polyester to block out light as well as noise. Velvet or suede is highly preferred for soundproof curtains since the microfibers in them are effective in absorbing sound waves. Look for extra linings and multiple layers to get curtains that are capable of blocking out noise while also being durable.

Curtain Size

When it comes to the curtain size, the length of the curtains follows a standard measurement that can fit almost any window. The width and panel sizes of the soundproof curtains may differ. Since windows are of different sizes, the variations in the curtain size help you find the perfect fit. Not just for windows, you can use these curtains on your doors and balconies as well. 

Usually, soundproof curtains for apartments are bigger than any average curtain. They extend over to the sides more than a normal curtain would. It helps them absorb the noise and also blocks the light. The length measurements ensure that the curtains cover from ceiling to floor entirely but not so long that you would accidentally trip over them. 

Curtain Rods

Curtains and curtain rods are integrated parts of each other. When you choose soundproof curtains for your apartment, you need to be careful of the curtain rods as well. Since soundproof curtains have insulation and are often made with multiple layered fabrics, they are heavier than average curtains. So you need to use thick and durable curtain rods to install soundproof curtains in your apartment. Not just the curtain rods, the grommets need to be sturdy as well so they can complement the curtains well.

Not all curtains are dense and heavyweight; there are some lightweight options too. Before you choose soundproof curtains for your apartment, make sure you consider their weight and choose the curtain rods accordingly. If you want to use normal curtain rods, choose lightweight curtains. But if you want heavy curtains with extra insulation, use dense curtain rods.

Thermal and Blackout Curtains

Most of the soundproof curtains have added features like thermal insulation and blackout. With thermal insulation in place, the curtains can prevent the temperature in the room from changing. During the winter, the heat in your room cannot escape if you install soundproof curtains that have enough thermal insulation.

As for the blackout fabric in curtains, they help block out the light along with the noise. So if you want your room to be both dark and quiet, then choose the kind of curtains that are soundproof as well as blackout.

10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Apartments

1. NICETOWN Noise Reducing Window Curtains (B01CS31NDE)

Product Link: See price here

If you’re looking for one of the best soundproof curtains for apartments, these can end your search right here. Add a little bit of style to your apartment with these unique and stylish curtains from Nicetown. These curtains won’t just block out sound from the room but also keep out unwanted lights quite effectively. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to colors. This gives you the chance to personalize your apartment in the way you wish.

Since the curtains are effective in reducing noise as well as keeping out light from the room, it is no surprise that they are denser than any average curtain you may have come across. So make sure you use robust curtain rods. With its light-blocking abilities, the curtains can prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room.

Even though they are thick, the curtains are cost-effective and easy to handle. You can easily wash them in the machine. So pick your favorite color scheme and pair it with your preferred rod pockets to make your apartment stand out among the rest.

2. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Window Curtain (B016MB5K0A)

Product Link: Check price here

Deconovo is offering this budget-friendly curtain that is soft to the touch. There are 2 different sizes for you to choose from. You can pick one according to the windows in your apartment. The curtains are pretty lightweight so you can handle them easily. Each curtain has only 6 grommets. Your curtain rods won’t have to be extra dense or highly expensive. Any normal rod is perfectly suitable for these curtains no matter which size you choose.

These soundproof curtains for apartments are capable of not only blocking out unwanted sound, but also any light that may disrupt your peaceful slumber. They are not as thick as many of their competitors so if light curtains are what you want, then these are definitely worth for you to check out.

These triple-weave curtains are light but durable. The installation is quick and easy. There are different color choices when you pick out not just the curtains but also for the grommets. So customize them to your heart’s content. Make your apartment stand out with your preferred colors. 

3. Yakamok Blackout Curtains (B07J3414GF)

Product Link: Check price here

Made from polyester and fabric, these curtains can block out unwanted noise effectively. Not just noise, no light would also disturb your sleep since the curtains are more than capable of blocking them out. Blocking out the light is also necessary since harsh sunlight means UV rays, which is harmful to the skin.

These soundproof curtains for apartments might not have thermal backing, but the triple-woven fabric can block out the UV rays just fine. The curtains are environment-friendly and safe to the touch. Since they are made from 100% polyester material, they are quite dense and durable.

Yakamok offers its curtains in different sizes so you can pick them according to the size of your apartment windows. Also, there are several color options for you to pick from. You can personalize your apartment in the way you love. The curtains might be quite dense but they are not that hard to take care of. You can easily wash them with cold water in the machine.

These double-layered curtains are made from soft fabric. They are not just stylish to look at, but also capable of blocking out noise and sound. They can be a strong candidate if you are looking for the best soundproof curtains for your apartment.

4. MIUCO Grommet Blackout Window Curtains (B01IHYZHRQ)

Product Link: Check price here

Miuco has 18 different color options for your apartment curtains. Decorate your apartment with your favorite colors so the room can reflect your personality. The double-polyester panel is durable and keeps the noise level low enough for you to work or study without interruption. No need to worry about outside noise or light disrupting your workflow anytime soon once you have these curtains installed in your apartment.

The innovative triple-weave construction can effectively block out around 98% of the UV rays. So your room won’t just be soundproof but would also be safe from the harmful UV rays. These soundproof curtains for apartments are quite thick and have thermal insulation. This helps the curtains keep the room temperature well-maintained with the weather outside. The heat in your room would stay intact during the winter and keeps the cold wind from seeping in.

These Miuco curtains are not just capable of blocking out most of the outside noise but are also stylish enough to make your apartment stand out among others. The curtains are also easy to maintain. You can just put them in the washer and run a cold cycle to instantly clean the curtains.

5. Best Home Fashion Premium (B001SABMN0)

Product Link: Check price here

These premium curtains are made from 100% polyester material. The curtains are soft to the touch and easy to take care of. They are safe to clean via the washing machine but avoid using any bleach as a cleaning substance. These non-toxic and trendy curtains come in 16 different colors so you can find the perfect shade to personalize your apartment the way you deem fit.

With its triple-weave construction, the curtains can prevent unwanted noise as well as sound from entering the apartment. Best Home Fashion is determined to live up to its name and provide curtains that are best for your health. The curtains are thermally insulated to keep harmful UV rays away from your apartment. This helps the room to stay cool in the warmer weather and lock in the heat during the winter.

Have a good night’s sleep with these soundproof curtains for apartments since they would keep the room dark and quiet. Not just at night, you can have a quick nap during the daytime as well. With the different color options and hanging styles for the curtains, you can personalize your apartment in any way you like.

6. RYB HOME Curtain (B076HL46FV)

Product Link: Check price here

The RYM Home curtains can serve more as a divider for two rooms rather than cover the windows. But since the curtains are dense enough to reduce noise from entering the room, they can serve as soundproof curtains. Not just sound, these soundproof curtains for apartments can block light from entering the space as well. There are 14 different color options on RYB Home curtains. The darker colored ones are more capable of blocking out the light than the lighter ones.

Not just for lights, there are options for size as well. Customize your apartment with the perfect size of curtains and your preferred shade of color. Even though there is no thermal backing in the curtains, but they are still capable of filtering noise and light.

The curtains have a triple-layer construction and are made from full polyester fabric. The middle layer is made from highly dense polyester which helps the curtains block absorb most of the noise. The curtains may not block out the sound completely but they can make your room peaceful enough for you to focus on your work.

7. BGment Blackout Curtains for apartment

Product Link: Check price here

These blackout curtains from Amazlinen are toxic-free and safe to use even in the children’s room. They would be perfect for your apartment if you want less noise and light to get past the windows. The curtains are made from polyester which makes them have a smooth texture. They are easy to clean as well since you can machine wash them with cold water. 

Amazlinen curtains are considered to be energy-saving since they can help your apartment cope with the weather. They can keep the room heat during winter so you won’t have to use heating appliances that much. The curtains can also keep out the cold wind from entering the room. Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets on top.

Each grommet inner diameter is 1.6 inch, comparable with most rods. Easy to hang, and slide smoothly. Blackout Functions: Our bedroom curtains can block out 85%-99% sunlight and UV ray ( Darker colors work better), perfect for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

. Enjoy a peaceful nap in a dark and quiet room. These soundproof curtains would be a great help in creating an environment suitable for studying during the exams or getting some much-needed work done.

9. Flamingo P Store Blackout Curtains (B074M5G55W)

Product Link: Check price here

Made from blackout fabric, these curtains can block out 80% of the UV rays and sunlight. They are better than any average soundproof curtains but not as good as a few of the premium models. Decorate your apartment with these elegant curtains and add a distinct style to your apartment.

Flamingo P is offering their soundproof curtains in single panels as well as double panels. The available colors are quite similar to each other but you can bring work to your apartment in no time. The simple but exquisite style of the curtains gives them a luxurious look. No need to worry about taking precautions when you need to maintain the curtains. They are fairly easy to install.

Also, you can clean the curtains in a jiffy since they are machine-washable. They can withstand cold water cycles but avoid using any bleach or very hot iron.

The faux silk fabric is soft to the touch and effectively brings some work to your apartment. The curtains have multiple grommets but the headers are big enough so the installation goes smooth.

10. Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain (B018UH2X6I)

Product Link: Check price here

These curtains from Moondream are useful in more than one way. They have thermal insulation, sound insulation, and are blackout as well. The curtains may not be of premium quality, but they are highly capable of isolating any room you wish. The curtains have layers of blackout fabric, thick cotton, and thermal insulation in between. All of these materials together help keep the noise level down to 7dB.

There are different sizes available for these curtains so you can pick them out according to the windows in your apartment. Multiple color options are available as well so you can personalize your space just the way you like. Whether you need to study for your exams or finish a project, these Moondream curtains would help your room be isolated.

You can also create a peaceful sleeping environment with these curtains since most of the noise would be absorbed and the light would be blocked as well.

The iron-on tape on these curtains helps you adjust the height according to the windows in your apartment. As for the maintenance, the curtains need to be dry-cleaned regularly. Avoid washing them by hand or putting them in the washing machine for a cold water cycle.


Do soundproof curtains for apartments actually work?

Yes, they do. Soundproof curtains may not block out the noise completely but they do absorb most of it. With soundproof curtains installed in the room, most of the noise from outside would be muffled so you can focus on your work.

Does insulation helps reduce noise?

Yes, insulation is needed for more noise absorption. Soundproof curtains have insulation to prevent the noise from traveling from one place to another. If you have soundproof curtains in the room but there are still sounds coming from outside, then it means your curtains don’t enough insulation. Thermal insulations are often made from cellulose and fiberglass.

Do curtains absorb sound?

Yes, soundproof curtains can reduce the vibration levels so most of the noise is absorbed. If you have soundproof curtains installed in a room, very little sound can go in and out of that room.

Are soundproof curtains for apartments energy-efficient?

In a way, soundproof curtains can be considered energy-saving. Many soundproof curtains have thermal insulation in them. If your curtains have thermal insulation, the room would stay warm during the winter since it would stay insulated. No cold wind would be able to get past the curtains. This means you won’t have to run appliances like room heaters as frequently as you normally would. 

Final Thoughts

Before you choose any soundproof curtains for apartments, consider the features of each one of them. All the curtains we listed are capable of reducing outside noise so you won’t be disturbed. Not everyone has the same taste. The curtains you choose would depend entirely on your preferences. You need to see if they fit in your budget, if the noise reduction is effective enough, the style of the curtains, etc. Pick out the ones you feel are capable enough to make your apartment more peaceful.

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