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Minimalist Apartment Ideas to Try Out On Your Apartment!

Apartment Essentials November 27, 2020

Who doesn’t love to decorate their apartment space into a cozy haven? But it’s a challenging task to execute since a apartment is usually small in size. Moreover, it’s a crowded place because you have to share it with other people. However, it doesn’t matter. If you are a fancy person, it would not be a bad idea to decorate the room with a little design.

A soft decorative touch to your sanctuary not only exhibits your distinctive characters but also gives you a relaxing atmosphere. Our apartment of the month winners are great examples you can look at at personalized decorating. Besides, if you want to make it look like a home, you can add some convenient designs to your own style. Students don’t have too much money for luxurious decorations, so minimalist apartment ideas are the best option.

Nowadays, endless options are available for minimalist apartment designs, just like you can include a few multifunctional storage spaces to avoid the messy look. Also, the combination of some minimalist paintings hanging on the wall and a beautiful aesthetic lamp on the bed-side table can be a great addition to your apartment space. You can give you some refreshing feelings by keeping succulent plants. It’s a good idea for the crowded appearance not to clutter the room with too much furniture. Moreover, it will be best to choose a unique suitable theme for turning your sanctuary into an impressive livable space.

Some Minimalist Apartment Ideas

Today, we are going to share with you some awesome minimalist apartment ideas that can easily make your dull apartment space into a pleasant paradise. Without further ado, let’s look at those plans!

Attaching Adhesive Hooks

Apartments are basically small in shape. So if you don’t keep your things orderly, you might end up getting a frowzy or filthy room. That’s really frustrating because an unorganized room is not only a cause of suffering. Also, you may not get your personal items timely.

People are usually accustomed to putting everything on the ground, so they don’t know the techniques of how to put things neatly on the wall. You can attach some hooks with adhesive tape to hang umbrellas, keys, clothes, bags, and many more important things on the wall area. That way, you can keep more floor space free. Also, this is one of the budget-friendly minimalist apartment ideas for your single apartment.

Incorporation of Perfect Color Palette

You can choose a color palette and include some natural plants to adorn your apartment in a different style. Most time, apartment walls are white in color, so a neutral color palette can also be a good choice. But colorful gesture makes your apartment space more vivid and comfortable.

Bed-side Table with Lamp

Adding a bed nightstand table with a soft glow lamp can offer you a restful and relaxing night. You can also keep a flashlight, books, mobile phone, charger, and some essential items on that table. The most convenient thing about this is that you don’t have to get up to bring the necessary things, again and again, you can put everything on the table at once. Now, you can easily enjoy some snacks with your favorite movie while sitting in bed.

Decorate the Wall with Paintings

By displaying the pictures in some exciting ways, you can give your bare wall a gorgeous look, just like you can use string or rope to attach your favorite photos on the wall above your bed. Also, an irregularly shaped photo-holder can be used to display pictures. Make sure to fix the images with suitable clothespins or clips.

Another attractive concept among minimalist apartment ideas could be hanging the framed paintings using hooks or fasteners. You should apply double-sided tape for convenient attachment to any corner of the room.

Use of Mood Changing Fairy Lights

Adorable string lights will give your apartment space a home-like environment. The smooth, low light can transform your dull apartment into a lively place. Not only can these lights change your mood, but they also give you some relaxing and stress-free moments.

Their subtle and convenient shape allows you to set it in any spots, like you can decorate your reading table space with these beautiful twinkling lights. A simple decoration of string lights with favorite collage pictures is something incredible look in your apartment. Also, you can spice up your ceiling space for a dramatic and soothing view that really eye-catching. Some come with a more adjustable appearance. So you can customize the light in different modes that quite stand out. This one is one of the best budget-friendly minimalistic apartment ideas.

Decorating with Lucite furniture

Lucite furniture is a better option for minimalist apartment ideas. These transparent and durable acrylic materials can bring a chic touch to your room yet enhance the subsisting decoration.

Making Accessories Holder for Your Reading Table

Customizing your apartment desk with multiple necessary items can force yourself to utilize numerous shapes of holders. You can buy aesthetic pots for this or even make a DIY container by adding little embellishments like twine, fabric, and feathers. If you are someone who wants to organize everything subtly, this one is perfect for you.

Adorning with Carpets or Rugs

Decorate your floor space with a cute pom-pom rug or a smooth, colorful carpet. This not only makes a perfect look but also provides a soothing feeling. You can even sit in this place with your friends for a hang-out session.

It’s comparatively easy to make a rug. All you need is a lot of endurance with colored thread. Make them one by one, and you should put long pieces of yarn on both sides so that you can knot them simultaneously. This is a great one among DIY minimalist apartment ideas.

Wall Tapestries

If you desire to give your apartment a creative touch, you must try a unique design’s wall hanging tapestry. It can turn your boring apartment wall into a colorful aspect. Use adhesive hooks, clips, or screws to attach tapestry on your wall section.

Most work or apartments don’t allow these items, as drilling screws are prohibited. In that case, you can use strips or clothespins, or magic tape without doing any harm to your apartment wall.

Tapestry is not only used to decorate our walls, but it also provides privacy via a partition section. This is made of various textiles that allow it to match an individual’s tastes. The lightweight texture offers you to maintain the tapestry with ease. You can utilize it in some incredible ways, just like stretching it over a frame or hanging it by using a rod. You can also adorn it as a wallpaper that adds a unique theme to your apartment space.

Displaying Your Jewelry

Making a wooden jewelry holder display your collection is a kind of stunning thought. You can also give it a vintage look by a little bit of painting. It can hold earrings, bracelets, neckpieces, and whatever you keep.

Moreover, you can also make it another exciting way, like adding small boxes to a large wooden frame. It’s a relatively good way to keep every little thing organized. Also, a branch can be used as a jewelry holder. You can apply some paint or thread to make this DIY holder and attach it with a screw.

Comfortable Bed Sheets with Cushions

Bed sheets and cushions play no less a part in making your apartment comfortable. Using a mattress topper is a simple option for de-stressing sleeping time. You should invest in high-quality bed sheets since your skin makes straight contact with sheets.

Make sure your bed linen is not irritant or scratchy and is made from entirely comfy products. A versatile product and has the ability to suit you in numerous temperatures is another quality of a good mattress.

Adding two or three flabby cushions can be a great addition to your comfortable apartment life. Aesthetic design with soft cotton is a fabulous decoration pattern

Wall Mirror

The mirror is a must-have item in apartments. What if you arranged it uniquely to enhance the overall look of your small-space room? A simple mirror can be decorated in some unbelievable beautiful patterns through minimalist apartment ideas. You can attach a full-length mirror to the wall area and spruce it up with twinkling lights.

Also, small mirrors of varying sizes can be hung at any convenient corner. Mirrors attached to wardrobes are available nowadays. If you don’t want to put it in the wall area, you can also choose this design.

Embellished with Green Succulent Plants

Include some succulent plants on your reading table just to give yourself a refreshing vibe while studying. You can also decorate your bedside table or windowsill with some beautiful natural flower plants to retain a pleasant fragrance in the entire apartment. A little decoration but changes the total environment entirely.

Garland Décor

You can spruce up your apartment space with some beautiful garland designs. Installing photo garlands is one of the best options to décor the area with your favorite pictures. You can add some pom-pom to give it an attractive look and mix with string lights, which is a proper way to change the mood instantly.

Always gives you a festive appeal. Besides, artificial tree garland comes with colorful decoration and adds a smooth warmth to your indoor apartment space.

Bedding Should be a Focal Point

The first and foremost rule, you have to consider your furniture set-up. If you don’t arrange them appropriately, in the end, it may be possible that you don’t have enough space to put other necessary stuff. So, it’s better to think earlier which one is perfect to put in which place than to get annoyed later.

It would be best to focus on your bedding style since it’s an integral part of your apartment. The other decorations might be simple, but your bed needs a little bit of extra attention. Not only it’s a center point, but it also controls the entire gesture of your room.

Lifting Your Bed for Convenient Storage

You should give your bed an adequate amount of lifting it deserves. In that way, you can create more space free. Later this available space can be used to store essential items like a suitcase, folding table, shoes, and also for some unwanted items. You should ensure that it’s secure and can carry enough weight.

Adding Storage Carts

You can also use a mobile food cart to hold all of your meal products in your room space. As cooking is a challenging issue for apartment working professionals, so they more prefer to eat packet-based foods. In that case, it’s a good idea to stock food items in a convenient storage place. Food storage cart appears in space-saving design at an affordable rate that is ideal for work and apartment working professionals.

Pick a Suitable Color Scheme

If you don’t want to keep a neutral color appearance in the room, you can give it a colorful shade in some incredible minimalist apartment ideas. You can cover your white wall with colorful tapestries or add some painted palettes. Including color-rich accessories is an effective way to avoid messy form. Bright string lights, colorful paintings, pillows, and night lamps are felicitous chances to sprinkle more colors.

Organized Shelves

Placing your things orderly in a rack or shelves is ideal for making your apartment neat and pleasant. Brackets can be utilized to keep books or potted plants, or different figures. You should apply the cord while hanging the shelves so that they don’t leave any marks on your white wall.

Best Products for Minimalist Apartment Ideas

These are the best minimalistic apartment ideas that are useful as well as cheap to apply. Now we are going to recommend to you a few best affordable online products based on our ideas. Hope you will enjoy your upcoming apartment life by trying these fantastic ideas. So, without delay, let’s jump right in!

1. Kohree 2 Pack LEDs Fairy Lights

Product Link: Click Here


This string light comes in a soft, warm glow with a remote-control facility. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor decoration. As it’s completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about damage while settling in an outdoor space.

Also, this string light functions in 8 different modes mean you can adjust the light appearance whenever you want. If you wish to give your apartment a decorative look or create a pleasant ambiance, Kohree fairy light is suitable. Two sets are available in one package and also offers a reasonable price. So, it’s a good choice for minimalist apartment ideas.

Design & Quality:

It’s a suitable embellishment for weddings, holidays, parties, and occasions. The LED bulbs offer durability and function at minimum energy. The wire is made of insulated copper, which doesn’t make the light too hot, so they are relatively safe to touch after a long time of usage.

You can bend it quickly since the texture is entirely flexible. Their customer service is incredibly co-operative as user satisfaction is their main motto. It’s also best for all-aged birthday gifts.


  • Length of 33 ft.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Built-in timer function in remote control
  • 100 micro emitting bulbs
  • Measures 5.51 x 3.62 x 1.77 inches

2. MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative New Luxury Series Pillow Case Cushion Cover

Product Link: Click Here


These two stylish pillow covers can be a great addition to a comfortable apartment life. You can adorn your sofa or bed with these cute cushions. Not only gives a luxurious look but also provides a relaxing living environment.

This product is easy to handle, and again you can wash it in a hassle-free way. Just put some detergent and clean it with warm water. It’s also machine washable, but it’s better to clean with hands.

Design & Quality:

The construction material is polyester, which gives it a soft texture. Also, it’s durable enough to use it for a long time. The zipper is well seen on some pillows, which look so awkward. However, in the case of the MIULEE pillowcase, there is no possibility of this issue as the zipper is hidden. It’s an elegant design that can utterly change the overall appearance of your house. You can decorate your sofa-set with these cushion covers for a house-warming party.


  • The overall production of the products are 10.79 x 8.31 x 3.9 inches
  • The weight is approximately 11.7 ounces
  • Faux fur offers cozy feelings
  • Ten different available colors
  • Suitable to shake before using

3. QiyI Wall Hanging Nature Art Fabric Tapestry for Apartment

Product Link: Click Here


This wall hanging tapestry is an aesthetic item for your apartment decoration. The beach sheets seaside tree home decoration is something excellent combination that can make you love this product.

Appropriate for an indoor and outdoor decorative look. Advanced 3D printing technology with vivid colors and crisp lines offers a realistic image. This product has long-lasting color assurance, so you don’t have to worry about fade away.

Design & Quality:

This nature art fabric is made of polyester fiber that ensures a long time using capability. Also, the soft appearance always makes you feel comfortable. After a hectic day, when you will come to your room, this natural scene can bring a sweet smile to your face as well as provide a refreshing atmosphere.

As a bonus, it comes in a versatility option. You can use it in a broad range like beach towels, wall decoration, mat, bed place adorn, table cloth, ceiling décor, shawls, and background cover. This multi-functional item can be a perfect choice for a gift.


  • Great home décor product
  • Offers stability
  • Recyclable product
  • The measurements are 10.71 x 7.64 x 0.67 inches
  • Make sure to iron at low heat

4. Aooshine Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

Product Link: Click Here


Want to add up a modern look yet with budget-friendly minimalist apartment ideas? You can include this bedside table lamp for your minimalist apartment ideas. Not only bedside, but you can also utilize it as a reading lamp and living room decoration.

The convenient part is that you can attach any type of bulbs with it, such as a halogen bulb, light-emitting diode, or incandescent lamp. Different types of bulbs create a diverse environment. The ferrous metal base with a fabric lampshade can improve the overall appearance of your living space. The price is only 19.99 US Dollars.

Design & Quality:

The metallic base with high-end texture offers longevity. It includes a powerful battery that provides longer service life. This lamp is relatively pliable to use as the lamp switch is 20 cm away from the base. Some practical reasons that make you choose this product. One of the qualities is its soft light, so even you can use it for a restful sleep. You can choose it as a gift option. Also, sufficient discount facilities are available in one year.


  • Specifications:
  • Voltage: AC86-265V
  • Power Up State: US Plug
  • Bulb Wattage: Max 60W
  • Bulb Source: E26/E27 bulb (not included)
  • Switch Type: On/Off Color: Beige Shade, Black Base
  • Package List: 1x Aooshine table Lamp,1 x User Manual
  • Overall: 4.1*4.1*13.2in
  • The distance between the base and switch: 14.2in
  • Cord Length: 1.6m, the switch is located in the cord


5. LEEPES Moon Décor Boho Accents Wall Decor Moon Phases Wall Art

Product Link: Click Here


Moon décor wall hanging garland appears in two different colors with versatility features. You can use it wherever you desire to give a soothing touch. The natural design creates a relaxing and cozy living area, which is everyone’s wish. You can adorn your shelves by hanging it or can cover the mirror area to make it more beautiful. The affordable price rate is at 7.99 US dollars only.

Design & Quality:

The gold metallic paint with an iron-coated chain makes it sturdy as well as serviceable. The hooks are incorporated with the packet. You just have to attach the clips and then install the garland to the wall space. It’s convenient enough to assemble. Whether you want to purchase a gift for your partner or wish to give something light to your best friend, Boho Accents Moon décor is an excellent pick up for you.


  • Packet contains 11 pieces moons
  • The measurement is 6 x 4.1 x 1.6 inches
  • Two expansion tubes are attainable
  • Adjustable iron chain
  • The weight stands at 6.4 ounces

6. Ameriwood Home Marshall Metal Rolling Utility Cart

Product Link:  Click Here


Ameriwood Home Marshall Rolling Utility Cart is a superior choice to organize all your essential materials. The portable design allows you to move it from one place to another. Three large racks allow putting not only kitchen items but also food products in one cart.

Some assembly is required after receiving, but you can do it easily via a simple user manual. It features a minimalist design and a maximum retaining capacity of 20 lbs. You can get it in three different colors like white, black, and blue.

Design & Quality:

The powder-coated metal formation is strong enough to carry heavy items. The modern look with a space-saving appearance is suitable for any apartments. Moreover, you can lock the wheels while keeping the things and open the lock when you want to move it.


  • The dimensions are 16.85 x 11.4 x 29.9 inches
  • Not so expensive
  • Best for small-space
  • It weighs 10.12 pounds
  • Each rack has three wrapped bars

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I arrange a small apartment?

There are tons of minimalist apartment ideas that you can apply to arrange your apartment place. Firstly you should pay attention to the room set-up. Then you can add some adhesive hooks for the well-orientation of your things. You can also include a wardrobe for clothes, and comfortable storage under bed aids you keep some items. You should try to keep all the place tidy yet in a systemic way.

  1. How can I decorate my apartment at a budget-friendly price?

DIY rugs with a pom-pom, string light with customized pictures, wall-hanging tapestry, attaching wallpaper, colorful palette are some budget-friendly designs for apartments.

  1. How can I make my apartment cozy?

Everyone has individual requirements. In our recommendation, for a cozy apartment, you can decorate your walls with some pictures and string lights. Also, a simple decorative touch in your mirror area makes a soothing environment in your sanctuary. Adding some comfortable cushions and sofa-set is also an impressive style to create a refreshing ambiance.

Summing it All Up

Apartment life is an exciting part of worker life. It will be more fascinating when you will turn your apartment into a paradise. Naturally, your surrounding atmosphere has a significant impact on your mind as well as on academic life. A nice embellished area can give you intense feelings and also make some clear images in your mind. Apply some easy minimalist apartment ideas quickly for a cozy living area.

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