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The Best 5 Corner Bookshelves for Small Apartments

Apartment Essentials April 9, 2022

A bookshelf is much more than a mere piece of furniture as it is considered to be a important functional aesthetic for many people. It is the home for all your close-to-heart books and decorations and becomes an indispensable part of your life. However, if you are living in a tiny apartment, you can’t think of having a dedicated library room or cumbersome bookcase. 

If you want to organize your books in your small spaced apartment, a compact yet spacious large capacity corner bookshelf can solve this problem for you. With a smartly designed corner bookshelf, you can arrange all your books and decor impeccably. With work from home, it can offer as a nice background for virtual meetings in your apartment.

Corner bookcases don’t only have to be used solely for the books. You can also decorate it with fancy decor items to make your apartment look aesthetically beautiful.

Corner bookshelves with a wide variety of designs and sizes are available on the market. Confused about which one to buy? We have included five minimalistic and funky corner bookshelves for small apartments

Keep on reading to learn more about some of our favorite corner bookshelves for small apartments! 

Rotating 5-tier Vintage Apartment Bookcase & Organizer 

Product Description: 

You cannot resist yourself to be amazed by this Rotating Bookshelf which is the first on our list. Its 360-degree rotating feature allows you to change the view by turning this shelf. It is really awesome, right?

Thanks to its creative five-tire design, it has plenty of space to store all your books, photo frames, houseplants, or other collectibles.

This unique bookshelf comes with all the necessary hardware. So, assembling this unique bookshelf is not at all tricky if you are a DIY lover. All you need to do is to follow step-by-step instructions.

Made with highly durable wood, this bookcase is sturdy enough to be long-lasting. Also, the washed wood color gives it a gorgeous vintage look that is bound to add charm to your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Chic Design with Plentiful Storage 
  • Multifunctional Bookcase
  • 360-degree Rotating Allows to Change the View
  • Each shelf Holds up to 20lbs
  • Quick Assemble 

BALANBO 5-Tier Cube-Shelf Corner Bookcase

Product Description: 

If you are looking for a versatile bookshelf, then the BALANBO 5-tier shelf will be a game-changer for you. It works just fine as a corner bookcase, display shelves, plant stand for your bedroom, living room, home office, balcony, or even bathroom.

Its natural bamboo construction gives it a dark finish and also allows you to use it confidently as it is environment-friendly. The corner frame design helps it to fit in any corner of the room while increasing space utilization.

The 3-legged structure shelf does not occupy much space and can easily be tucked into any wall brackets. Also, you can hold plentiful books, potted plants, or colorful knick-knacks and make your home look classy, spacious, and, more importantly, organized.

All in all, it can be a perfect pick if you are an ECO-NUT and want something compact yet roomy!

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose Corner Shelf
  • High-grade Bamboo Construction
  • Stable Three-legged Compact Design
  • Environment-friendly
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Service

Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Tall Wall-Mount Apartment Bookcase

Product Description: 

The elegant 6-Shelf bookcase from Nathan James suits any contemporary or classic house with its matte white metal frame and rustic oak wood shelves. This modern bookshelf mounts on any wall, and its open-shelf structure makes it visually spacious. You can assemble this tall bookcase in less than 40-minutes.

Go for this polished piece if you are short on space, even for an average size bookshelf. With its sleek, space-saving style, this 6-shelf corner bookshelf for small apartments will surely glam up any living room or home office.

And you know what is really amazing? The company proffers immediate replacement or a 100% refund for any sort of quality issues, and that too with— No Questions Asked!

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Millennial Design
  • 30-inch Wide Shelves Ensure Ample Display Space
  • Added Floor Protectors
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Lifetime Warranty

9-Tier Standing Tree Apartment Bookshelf 

Product Description: 

If you want to display your books by different categories such as by all-time-favorite ones, by book size, or by authors— this 9-Tier corner bookshelf for small apartments can be the right pick for you!

Inspired by the Christmas Tree, this Tree-shaped bookcase can be used as a bookshelf or work desk accompaniment just next to your study table or office desk. Equipped with solid brackets and thickened base panel, this tree bookshelf has the stability for long-term use. You can layer up to five books or more on each shelf

With its rustic brown wood finish, this unique bookcase will match any home decor items while bringing vitality and vigor to your home. 

Key Features:

  • Creative Space-saving Design
  • Made with Sturdy and Recyclable Material
  • 9 Shelves Ensure Large Capacity
  • Antique Rustic Brown Wood Finish

Sauder Nova Small Apartment Books & Display Shelf

Product Description: 

Does your home lack enough storage options, and still, you need a bookshelf to arrange all your books?— We have got you covered!

This shelf from SauderNovaLoft will definitely create versatile space options with a bit of modern style. Technically, this cabinet is designed to store portfolios and records. However, with its two large-tilted shelves, you can hold all your favorite books, collections of magazines, or vinyl record albums.

Its spacious top surface created additional display space to keep items like houseplants, decorative pieces, framed photos, or even for a record player.

With Grand Walnut Finish shelves, this classy item is everything you want to add to any confined house.

Key Features:

  • Vintage Wooden Look 
  • Ideal for Small Space
  • Black Powder-coated Metal Frame
  • Engineered Wood Construction
  • A 5-year Warranty

Key Considerations before Buying a Corner Bookshelves

Corner bookcases represent the style you want to show in your room. There are several types of corner bookshelves for small apartments available on the market. Buying one without considering your desired features will be a waste of money.

Here are some important points you need to consider to get the right one for you!

  • Size

The very first thing you need to think about is the size of the bookshelf. Make sure they will comfortably fit in your space. You should also think if it can easily be moved through tight staircases or your doorways if you are buying a ready-made one. If you have large-sized books or oversized decor items, do not forget to measure the shelves.

  • Material

No matter if you are buying a tiny corner bookshelf, they have to support the weight of all your books. Thus, look for a highly durable one. If budget is not your concern, go for the solid wood option. It is the best option available. 

However, metal bookcases are quite sturdy, and they are affordable too.

  • Weight Capacity

Check the weight capacity before buying a corner bookshelf. Each shelf is supposed to hold around fifty pounds or more (depending on the width) if you want to display the shelf solely full of books. If the bookshelf cannot hold all your books, it is almost of no use!

  • Design and Aesthetics

A corner bookshelf for small apartments is more than just a storage solution. It must blend with your home interior. It will look really odd, otherwise. So, you have to consider its design, color, and other crucial factors.

DIY Ideas to Decorate Your Corner Bookcase

Nowadays, corner bookcases are not used for books only. You can also keep all your collectibles to make your bookshelf look lively and aesthetic. But how to do it?

Here are 5 DIY ideas to bring some color to your boring bookshelf:

IDEA 01: 

Choose 8-10 colorful books and keep a wooden or metal bowl filled with any decorative next to it. It will bring a pleasant look to your bookcase.

IDEA 02: 

Lean some of your books against the end of your bookshelf (starting from tall to short one). Place a round-shape accessory next to it. This contrast combination will definitely be eye-catchy.

IDEA 03: 

Put a shallow round tray or a mirror in any middle-row shelf and place 3-4 books under it. You can add a fairly tall accessory, such as a snake plant, on one side of it. These two pieces will definitely complete each other, hence, your bookshelf too!

IDEA 04: 

Place a well-shaped money plant tree in a rustic brown bowl on any of the top columns. And keep a photo frame on the shelf below with a simple decorative piece. It will make your corner shelf look lively!

IDEA 05: Try to keep things on your bookshelf that match the color of the interior. If the color of your house is mostly white, for instance, try to accessorize your bookshelf with silver, golden, black, or rustic wooden-colored decor items. It will give your house a vintage look. 

Final Tip: 

Choose any theme to decorate your bookshelf, but do not forget to add as much plant as you can. Greenery gifts serenity to your home and comfort to your mind!

Bottom Line

A corner bookshelf can set the overall ambiance of your house if you can choose a well-structured bookshelf. Similarly, it will not serve the purpose if you pick the wrong one, especially for your small apartment. In this article, we have presented the five best corner bookshelves for small apartments in 2022.

We have also discussed some key points to think about before buying one. This is because we want you to have a perfect bookshelf that will complement your small apartment. Let us know which one is your favorite— We highly appreciate your suggestions! 


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