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Ideas & Advice for Decorating Your Apartment Door

Apartment Essentials April 9, 2022

Decorations are something that makes your apartment look neat and clean and, of course, artistic. You can decorate your bed, your wardrobe, your living room, your dining space, your bedroom window, and even the doors in your house. You just need to be a little innovative and creative to gather ideas to decorate rooms in your apartment.

But in this article, we are going to focus on how to decorate your apartment door. You can be either into minimal decorations or expensive decorations or maybe not into decorations at all. Some prefer to leave their doors alone, but some choose to make their doors look to match the theme and vibe of their interior decor. If you are the latter, then you know you are in the right place.

Why Is It Necessary To Decorate Your Apartment Door?

If you ask me why it is necessary to decorate your door, my answer would be to please your eyes and match the theme your visitors will expect when entering your house or room. I mean, who would not want to have an aesthetic door decorated with flowers and ribbons and also some fancy stickers on it? Even if you are not into expensive decorations, you would at least want to keep your door side clean to prove your neat side.

You probably get guests in your house, and so, to provide some stardust in their eyes, you intend to make things look prettier, even your door. Fancy doors attract people and make everyone curious to see the interior as well. Now, who wouldn’t want some buckets filled with attention?

Not everyone considers doors to be a part of the fancy objects, yet doors play a major role in keeping your room sane. So, grab some beautiful things from your local stationery or fancy shop and doll up your apartment doors into something sophisticated.

Things You Will Need To Decorate Your Apartment Door:

In apartments, you generally cannot put too many objects near your door. As a result, there are things specifically made for door decorations that we are going to list down now:

  • You can get a fancy doorbell.
  • Add some lighting.
  • A new sophisticated welcome mat.
  • Umbrella stand.
  • Hanging flowers.
  • Potted plants.
  • Nameplate with your initials.
  • Floral stickers or stickers of your own taste.

Minimal Decorations Or Expensive Decorations?

Not everyone’s choice is the same. Some got an expensive taste while others are into normal things. Even when you prefer normal things, you know you can still make your apartment door look fancy. Some flowers can never do wrong to your pretty door skin.

Expensive decorations are costly, yes, but at the same time, do you know that you can make your apartment door look expensive only with cheap things? It’s the idea that applies the magic. 

Minimalist door decorations are simple yet gorgeous. You just need some cheap props from your local shop, and voila, you are done.

To decorate your door, whether, for a minimalist look or an expensive look, you don’t have to waste loads of bucks unless you are thinking of getting some sculptures or big vases. But generally, apartment owners don’t add sculptures in front of their door, but if you want to be exceptional, be my guest.

How To Decorate Your Apartment Door?

The things I have listed above might come in handy when you are considering decorating your apartment door. Apartment doors don’t usually need extra or messy designs like your bedroom or living room. Since it is a small space and only a wall-kind thing, you only think of things that can stick to it, and you can decorate the empty space around it.

Flowers and plants are usually the main focus of door decor. But it also depends on the type and color of the door you have. Not everything suits every color, so it is recommended that you think twice before adding a black nameplate on a black door and a wreath of red roses on a red door.

Things are different in the case of glass doors. Glass doors usually look good without any extra decorative items, but if you insist, you can add fairy lights all around the glass door to enhance the beauty of your apartment. But which apartment has glass doors, by the way?

Wooden doors can be decorated and morphed into a cottage core pathway if you use the right props. Flowers, wreaths, candle holders, and hanging ferns will add magic to your apartment door if you prefer to live a cottage core fantasy.

Some people have peculiar tastes. You can find fusions of gothic and royale in one apartment, and another apartment door might be a combination of flowers and dark objects.

Now, we better look at the ideas I have gathered for you so that you can decorate your apartment door.

13 Decoration Ideas To Make Your Apartment Door Unique:

It’s finally time to elaborate on the sophisticated ideas that will help you decorate your apartment doors in an exquisite way. Here are 13 different ideas that would make your apartment door look unique. Decide on whether decorations on your apartment door, or outside it makes more sense given the security and rules of your residence.

If you are into flowers, then you should definitely consider this theme. Buy different kinds of flowers, for example, roses, marigolds, bougainvillea, and your other favorite flowers, and decorate the apartment door. I would recommend plastic flowers because the real ones will wilt and you do not have to worry about replacing the flowers every day.

You can go all plant-based as well. Buy some plants which don’t need water or sunlight to grow and put them against your apartment door. This will create your own personal Disney world. You can add wreaths with bells or plastic flowers, and also, you can get some hanging ferns as well.

If you don’t want any plant or floral mess, you can straight jump into sofas and cushions. If you have any seating space in front of your apartment door, you can add some small cushions in front or add some small tools there.

Get two huge vases of plants or flowers and put each on each side of the doorway. That’s it. Oh, and add a huge nameplate on the door if things look a bit empty.

You can get flowers, ferns, mushrooms, wreaths, fairy lights, hanging plants, stickers, fancy magnets, and paste all of them in your door and live your cottage core fantasy. This decor would look nice if you had a wooden door.

If you are into professional things and not into messy decors, you can just add a nameplate on your door or probably hang a small potted plant beside it. Gray doors look fine if you prefer the corporate style.

If you have a wooden door or a door of a lighter shade, you can make it look royale. You can get two candlesticks and place each on both sides of the door. You can get a small mirror and place it in the middle of your apartment door. You can add some curtains too.

This taste is very rare and very sophisticated. If you are into gothic things, I would recommend a black door. You can add fake spider webs, candle holders, big vases, bells, and a medieval-aged mirror. In this world of pinks and purples, a little black would do no harm.

Glass doors usually look beautiful when you add wreaths or ribbons, or hanging flowers. Small sculptures might enhance the decor more.

Add two huge sculptures on both sides of the door and leave it. Sculptures alone are enough to make you look expensive.

You can hang two medium-sized hanging bulbs on both sides of your apartment door. Put a huge ‘welcome’ mat on the door front and let people feel welcomed in your home sweet home.

There are some people who prefer white over anything. But let’s just admit that white itself is a very sophisticated color. If your apartment door is white, you should go for black objects to give it a more exquisite flavor.

Cover every side of the door with fairy lights and live a fancy life.


Decorating ideas are subjective. Only you know what can please your eyes. But I have listed down all the possible ideas that can help you decorate your apartment door. You can be into flowers, or into corporate things, or fancy or gothic, or into simplicity only. You can at least use small portions of these ideas and create your own personal design. This article aims to help you make your choice and give your apartment door an expensive makeover. I hope this helps you.

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