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White Noise Machine for the Apartments: A Solution for Sleep

Apartment Essentials November 26, 2020

Sleep is something we don’t get too much of nowadays. You might enjoy bragging to your friends about how you slept 1-hour last night. Trust me; there’s no pride in it. Sleep is key for health and successful mental function. And if you’re in apartment, there’s a good chance that you’re living in a apartment. Living in a apartment means your sleep is hampered almost every day due to annoying noises in and around the apartment, from social events and parties to late night working professionals coming back late. So how do you combat the annoyance of noise?

There might be tons of ways to put yourself to sleep when there’s a lot of loud noise around you. But the best possible way to avoid all of them and get some sleep is probably the use of a white noise machine. You probably stumbled across this article when you searched for the words “white noise machine apartment.” While this is just one solution to help manage a noisy apartment, we highly encourage you to read all our tips on getting better apartment sleep, as well as tricks to deal with a noisy apartment like getting earplugs.

Whether you’ve heard about them or not, we’re going to run you through the basics and why you need them. We’ll also help you pick out the best white noise machines to get according to your needs and budget. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What is A White Noise Machine?

Where does sleep stand when you’re comparing it to the other activities on your priority list? No matter where it stands, you need the optimum amount to function throughout the day properly. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, a white noise machine is something you should consider. A white noise machine is a device that plays a preset sound over a looped period to help us concentrate on the sounds itself and ignore any other noise around us. 

Usually, using white noise machines is more famous for children’s rooms. These devices help kids fall asleep when the parents are up to working late at night. But if you’re having trouble falling asleep in your apartment, a kids’ white noise machine might help you out more than you can think of. 

Why You Should Get a White Noise Machine

The answer’s pretty simple. White noise machines were made to help you fall asleep when you’re having trouble doing it yourself. Apartment working professionals who are living in apartments have to adapt to the annoying noises a night. From the annoying roommate watching Netflix to a party going on upstairs, it’s entirely normal for even the deepest sleepers to have trouble trying to fall asleep. 

Scientifically Proven to be Effective

White noises are scientifically proven to help us divert our hearing. With a white noise machine turned on, we can shift our attention to the soothing or static sounds and keep our focus away from anything else. 

Pleasant sounds can always help us fall asleep. And trying to go to sleep with your headphones on is tough. On top of that, you can’t even turn to your preferred sleeping position when you’re wearing headphones. This is why you need to look for a better alternative. And white noise machines are just perfect for blocking out background noises with something non disruptive.

Blocking Out the Bad Vibes

Blocking out annoying environmental noises is the key to a good night’s sleep. You can either try and fall asleep among all the noise and still fail, or go out and buy one of these. A night of sound sleep also develops our cognitive abilities. A better sleeping schedule will help out with ADHD too. You can start to focus on your lectures and assignments a little more. 

Blocks the Annoying Sounds

White noise machines can block out the annoying sounds around us and focus on the soothing sound. But to me, the immense advantage here is being able to fall asleep faster than usual. We all cry for that alarm to go off a few minutes later in the morning. So if we get a few more minutes, it’s a win for everyone in the beginning. 

Helps the Sleep Schedule

On top of that, you can rely on these machines to help you develop a healthier sleeping schedule. You won’t be tired and sleepy during your lectures and meetings, even if they’re online. These white noise machines can genuinely minimize environmental noises to a great extent. So if you’ve been searching with the words “white noise machines apartment,” you need a white noise machine. 

Is This The Best Way to Sleep in Apartments?

Let me put it this way if you require a completely silent environment to fall asleep; getting a white noise machine isn’t the best way to do it. But you’re probably here because you want to block out those annoying apartment noises. And white noise machines to tend to help a lot with these cases. The brain won’t focus on the white noise, so interestingly it may be easier than silence to fall asleep to. You can even add more noise prevention by combining a white noise machine with earplugs in the apartments.

White noise machines are available everywhere now, and they’re getting cheaper with the number of sales. They certainly aren’t the only noise machines to help you go to sleep. But are they the best ones? Let’s look at a couple of alternatives to find out. 

Nature Sound Machines

Again, this entirely depends on personal preference. You might prefer natural sounds and noises over the white noise. Some people do tend to find waterfall or rain sounds quite pleasant to hear. Even the sounds of ocean waves are pretty nice to hear. And these sounds are imitated by these machines to help you sleep better. 

But they don’t work that well for light sleepers. A louder bird may suddenly chirp out of nowhere to way you up. 

Pink Noise Machines

The other type of machine we’ll be looking at is the pink noise machines. Scientists say that pink noises are the types of sound that help to slow down brain waves. While that sounds pretty scary and probably dangerous, this ensures a steadier sleeping pattern. 

You can also use these machines during the daytime. That’s because the pink noise can significantly increase concentration and productivity while you’re working. Pink noises are said to sound the smoothest. 

So how do you pick among the three? Some machines can come with all the options onboard. But they do tend to get a bit more expensive. You might be tempted to try out pink noise machines too. But do keep in mind that they might disrupt your sleep again with the noise. 

Best White Noise Machines for 2022

It can get challenging to choose from the hundreds of choices on the market when you’re on the hunt for white noise machines. So we’ve gathered the top 4 and put them together in this list to help you shortlist some of them. Check out their features and everything they can do. Then decide on the perfect choice for your apartment.

4. Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan (B00E6D6LQY)

Product Link

Here’s another one on our list from Adaptive Sound Technologies. So you can guess how great the brand is when you see them being featured twice on the best products’ list. This is the lighter version of the other offering, and you can save a couple of bucks if you choose to go for this one. 

The American company knew what it was doing when they were designing this one. The hexagonal shape makes it look elegant, and it was meant to stand out in your room. You can play ten different fan noises with it without even turning the fan on. Other sounds include the workic white noise, pink noise, and natural sounds. You also get brown noise as an addition.

Even though this is a budget model, it still brings over the adaptive sound technology from its bigger brother. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the volume as it will do it automatically according to the environmental noises. When you’re searching with the words “white noise machine apartment” to find a machine for your apartment, this one is sure to be on the list. 

You can power it up in two ways. You can choose to juice it with the included AC adapter or connect the USB cable to your computer’s port. The device has no moving parts, and it perfectly adjusts to the environmental noise. You can switch this on when you’re going through your lectures too. It’s been proven to help you focus on your work. 


  • Available in 4 colors with 2 different shapes
  • 10 different sounds to help you fall asleep
  • Two-way power with the AC adapter or the USB cable
  • Adaptive sound technology to auto-adjust sound

3. Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan (B07M5N3KFQ)

Product Link

Next up is this sleep fan from Honeywell. The Dreamweaver does precisely what you think. The aptly named mechanism does justice to white noise machines. You can continue blocking the environmental noise in your sleep with this one. The affordable price with so many features has got to be the best thing about this product. 

The soothing pink and white noise options will help you block out disturbing noises. The product combines low and high-frequency noises to output some beautiful pink and white noises. This sound minimizes all the other noises you can hear in the background when you’re trying to fall asleep. You even get capacitive touch controls with this one, so it’s easier to configure.

You can casually charge your phone or other electronic devices with the additional USB port on the device. The four different timer settings are must-have in more premium options. But the Dreamweaver brings the features at a lower price. You can set the timer for up to a whopping 8 hours. 

You’ll get three speeds and four different light dimming adjustments. You can also choose to keep the lights completely off. Control the airflow of the fan with the uniquely designed shutter. You can easily direct the airflow towards the place you want.


  • Soothing pink and white noises
  • Capacitive touch controls
  • USB port for charging other devices
  • Four different timer settings
  • Four different light dimming settings
  • Airflow shutter can direct the flow of air quite well

2. Yogasleep Dohm Classic (B000KUHFGM)

Product Link

It was quite challenging to decide our top spot, and the Yogasleep was one of the contenders. But the higher ratings of our number 1 product gave it a slight edge. But that doesn’t mean you can overlook this one. The Yogasleep Dohm looks pretty shabby when you pick the Beige version.

But you can spice things up a bit with the other colors. The Beige finish has a long history, though. The original white noise machine had the same design and color scheme. The concept was so good that the company didn’t bother changing anything. The natural noises of this machine are undoubtedly the best part. It’s fan-based and creates perfect white noises. 

You can altogether cancel out the annoying noises in the apartment with this one. You might have stumbled on to this article when you typed in the words “white noise machine apartment.” And you can see everyone recommends this option. You don’t even have to deal with airflow either. The machine gracefully does the job itself.

You can adjust the tones and volumes with this one. If you want a more personalized sound option, then this is the best way to go. Opting for the workic version lets you rest assured that you got the best quality. The design may be around 50 years old. But it stuck around because it deserved to.


  • Basic design with the top-notch built quality
  • Tone and speed adjustment for personalized sounds
  • Natural sounds and fan-based white noises
  • 120V AC adapter is used to power it up

1. HoMedics SoundSpa White Noise Sound Machine (B00A2JBMRE)

Product Link

The HoMedics machine won our number one spot rightfully. The brands have been quite famous for its white noise products, and this one is their flagship. You can get this one in two different finishes. But the silver one prevents the fingerprints quite a lot. You can get up to 6 different digital relaxing sounds. They include waves, thunder, rain, brook, and the summer night.

The whole mechanism is quite portable, and you can take it along with you when you’re returning from campus. The entire build is exceptionally lightweight too. So you certainly don’t have to worry about the additional weight. The auto-off timer has three different timer settings for your comfort. You can set it for up to 60 minutes and try to fall asleep.

You can power up this puppy with 4 AA batteries or with the provided AC adapter in the box. HoMedics is certified by healthcare workers to help improve your overall sleep cycle. You can gradually develop a better sleep schedule with constant use. If you’re struggling to fall asleep in your apartment due to a party upstairs, whip this puppy out and fall asleep in a few minutes. 


  • Three different timer settings
  • Two-way power
  • Portable, compact and lightweight 
  • Six different soothing sounds to help cancel out the annoying noises

Bottom Line

Getting better sleep involves a number of changes and factors, with white noise machines being one of them. When you’re typing the words “White Noise Machine Apartment Apartment” on your preferred search engine, you’ll get tons of recommendations. But you needed to know how the machines could help you fall asleep and sleep better. We tried to run through the basics and help you along the way too. One thing’s for sure; you will certainly be sleeping better in that noisy apartment with a white noise machine for the apartment! 


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