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How to Make Your Apartment Smell Amazing

Apartment Essentials November 27, 2020

Whether you are a student or working professional year, you may have to live in the apartments. Going to a completely different place and starting a new life is a kind of exciting experience. It’s definitely a challenging chapter of life since you have to do everything yourself and study, and are truly responsible for all the ‘chores’ around you apartment, like cleaning. You may also get some annoying or messy people as your roommates. Moreover, apartments are generally small spaces. You and your roommate have to do all the essential worker activities, from socializing to studying and sleeping in that tiny room. If everything is not kept clean and tidy here, the room can slowly start to gain a bad smell.

Sometimes due to the busy schedule of studies, you may not have enough time to do your laundry and forget to take out the trash every day. The apartment is much more likely to smell bad as the semester carries on. So how to make your apartment smell good? Here are a few tips to make your apartment smell better instantly.

What Makes Your Apartment Smell Terrible?

There are various significant sources that can easily cause odors in your apartment. For example, stale, rotten food can be a reason for bad smell if left for a long time. Besides, a freaky smell can come from your shoes, toilets, fans, vents, etc. To know how to make your apartment smell good, you should know that lack of attention and maintenance are primary points here.

  • Clothes: Since you go out every day, you sweat profusely, and your body oils or secretions are getting stuck tightly with the clothes. It will be more disastrous if you don’t change clothes after entering the room and even wear them while sleeping. Storing everyday garments without washing them also gives off a foul smell in your apartment. 
  • Leftover Foods: You made some food for the night that was not eaten or left behind, which will spread a rotten smell the next day. If any beverage or liquid food inadvertently falls on the carpet from the hand, which can cause fetor if not cleaned in time. The expired food in the refrigerator is another source of lousy apartment odor.
  • Kitchen & Dirty Dishes: Your dirty kitchen and unwashed dishes, plates can become a source of the odor. If you leave leftover foods, garbage, and food scraps everywhere, it will later create an awful situation.
  • Shoes & Bed Sheets: Dirty shoes and socks can cause an unpleasant smell in the full room. Besides, if you don’t wash your bed sheets weekly, it will give you a stinky feeling. Bed sheets are an excellent absorber; it easily exploits dirt and odor molecules.
  • Toilets: Keeping the bathroom and drainage system unclean will be absolutely unhygienic and can make you seriously sick. Furthermore, clogged drains or filters can cause a rancid or unpalatable smell. While most apartments have a communal bathroom which will be maintained to remedy this issue for you, some suites have a shared bathroom within your larger personal apartment.

How Can You Get Rid of the Foul Odor in the Apartment?

While you’re doing everything like sleep, eat, study, get ready, socialize, and night hangout in one place, it’s natural that some foul-smelling material will be attached to the room environment. You should pay attention to how you can give your apartment a gorgeous look with smelling good. One quick way is to make sure to keep your apartment clean.

A decorated and fragrant room will not only create an appeasement impression in you but will also create a strong bond between your roommates. Also, a comfortable and refreshing environment allows you to spend your day with pleasant feelings.

  • Clean the garbage daily: Waste containing moisture start to decompose quickly, which is the primary place for the apartment’s smell. It’s best to dispose of trash as soon as it is full, and it would be better if you can do it regularly. You can also use scented trash bags if you want to reduce that funky odor. Make sure to get an extra trash can if you need to.
  • Wash your dirty clothes: If you are involved in sports or physical activities, your clothes are more likely to have a stinky smell and germs. Since laundry is a difficult task, most working professionals show laziness in making it, and that’s why they store it in one corner of their room. These dirty clothes will soon turn your space into an unpleasant atmosphere. So, picking a laundry day every week to two weeks would be a great idea. It’s better if you choose a specific day for your washing routine. We also recommend a hamper so clothes are organized into a consolidated place before they get washed.
  • Clean your bed sheets and towels: Filthy bed sheets and towels can cause many skin problems. Moreover, regular use can give them a gross smell. Towels absorb all the moisture and even dirty sweat from your body. Also, body odors, dead skin, dust can easily be incorporated into bed linen. Wash sheets and towels every two to three weeks to keep them fresh and clean. You can use fabric softeners or any detergent for your daily wash. Make sure that your detergent should not be limited.
  • Keep the windows open: You can simply minimize your apartment odor just by opening the windows. The circulation of fresh air not only reduces the reeky smell but also gives you some relaxing moments.
  • Prevent smelly shoes: Your stinky shoe is enough for any discomfort or unfavorable situations. Try to keep your shoes and socks clean and dry. If the shoe’s materials are sensitive, then dry it on sunny days to avoid foul odor. If resistant, throw them in your next wash.
  • Air-freshener: This is an excellent item that aids you in keeping your room scented all the time. They come in different scents at an affordable rate. Just take something you like and make your apartment smelling good.
  • Dryer sheets: Dryer sheets are efficient enough to absorb foul odors and make your surroundings pleasant. Just put them wherever you want to eliminate the terrible smell. You can use it somewhere about your shoes, socks, fans, or any vent holes.
  • Oildiffuser: Essential oil diffusers can fight against unwanted odor. The fantastic fragrance of essential oils provides tremendous health benefits with anti-fungal effects.
  • Humidifier: It’s very natural to develop a damp environment in the apartment as it’s confined most of the time. These conditions are favorable for bacterial growth as well as make your room pretty stinky. A humidifier is a device that helps to add moisture to the atmosphere.
  • Air Purifier: Get rid of bad particles while adding fresh air into the apartment.

These are some practical ways that prevent the foul odor from your apartment and maintain a perfect and fresh atmosphere in your place. After a long time of work, when you go to your room, a light fragrance with a clean area can make your day to a different level.

Today we will share some unique products with you that might answer the question how to make your apartment smell good. Since there are plenty of items for apartment odor eliminator in the current market, it may be a daunting task to choose the compatible one. In this article, we have concluded a few best products to keep your apartment smelling impressive. We have also added a buying guide at the bottom part to help you better understand our decisions behind choosing these. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

7 Amazing Ways to Make Your Apartment Smell Good

1. Urban Naturals Lavender Vanilla Reed Diffuser Set

Product Link: Click Here

Urban naturals diffuser set comes with a soothing scent with long-lasting capability. This can give your apartment a perfect touch with a high-quality texture. Also, its unique appearance enhances the apartment look. Besides, a pleasant smell can transform your place into a relaxing place. There is no need to use a flame, and that’s why it’s relatively safe to apply. It gives the best performance all day and night, but the reeds only require to be turned over one or two times a week.

Design & Quality:
The diffusing materials are creamy vanilla, Lavender, Sugared musk, and creamy vanilla. These natural products provide a refreshing aromatherapy scent with an incredible feeling. The product is convenient to maintain. You just have to remove the cork easily and then put the sticks inside the bottle for a pleasant, intense scent.


  • Smoke-free incense
  • Need no heat function
  • The overall dimensions are 2 x 2 x 5 inches
  • The weight stands at 10.2 ounces


  • Full money return policy
  • A robust and durable item
  • Smells wonderful
  • Great packaging


  • A little bit expensive
  • Customers complained about the diffusion efficiency of scents and short scent timeframe


If you want to gift someone, this could be an excellent idea for you. Its elegant design with a lovely smell makes it a perfect item to give someone on different occasions. It’s a suitable product for minimizing apartment smells and solution to how to make your apartment smell good.

2. Glade PlugIns Air Freshener Warmer

Product Link: Click Here

Glade plug-in appears in white with two items in one package. It’s perfect for use in apartments, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The product is super easy to use. All you have to do just attach it with the electric system and switch-on. It will make your room fragrant in moments.

The exciting part of this item is its adjustable scent settings. Like today you want to have some flowers smell, or the other day the cozy scent of gourmets can bring a friendly smile to your face. Whatever you desire, you just have to change the fragrance mode to enjoy various refreshing options.

Design & Quality:
Floral, fruity, outdoor, tropical, gourmets are some modes of aroma. These options are definitely something that will soon become your favorite. You can continuously use it without any interruption. The natural products and essential oils provide a true-to-life and pleasant vibe in your home. When the bottle’s fragrance oil runs out, replace it with another one that comes with the package. For a convenient cleaning procedure, take the warmer unit out from the electrical board and swab it with a dry & clean cloth.


  • Long existing fragrance
  • A user manual is included.
  • Each container remains up to 30 days at a lower level
  • Measures 1.99 x 6.1 x 5.75 inches


  • Beautiful design with the incessant smell
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable cost
  • Gives a comfortable feeling


  • Quality related complexity


Who doesn’t like to experience different over-whelming fragrance? After all, when you get it in just one product, it’s good to take this for some fresh and comfortable moments.

3. InnoGear 150ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Link: Click Here

InnoGear essential oil diffuser offers a gorgeous appearance with excellent proficiency. The wood grain design gives an impressive viewpoint in your home or office. Also, it can be a superb addition to the apartment decoration. The adjustable mist system comes with two different modes- “Strong” or “Weak.” This oil diffuser has an auto shut-off character. So, it requires less maintenance to use. You don’t have to worry about it. It will automatically shut off when the water runs out in the diffuser tank.

Design & Quality:
The InnoGear aromatherapy is manufactured with an utterly high-quality product. There is no confusion about durability as it comes in a sturdy formation. Polypropylene and ABS materials give you a comfortable feeling to use it. There are some specific cleaning instructions for this product.

You will need to use a small amount of water and then wipe with a brush or cotton bar included with the package. You should be aware that water does not flow into the air outlet. And finally, you swab it with a dry and clean cloth.


  • Maximum water retaining capacity is of 150ml
  • Power line extent is about 180 cm
  • The ultrasonic technology offers high energy of 2.4MHz
  • In weak mode working hours-12 to 13 hours & intense mode- 6 to 7 hours


  • Provides fantastic aromatherapy in the entire room
  • Keep the room moist
  • Ensures nice and sound sleep
  • BP chemical-free polypropylene
  • Impressive quality


  • Suitable for a small place and minimum use


How to make your apartment smell good? This product can be a perfect choice for your apartment funky odor. Moreover, if you want to add some decoration to your room, you can undoubtedly pick it.


Product Link: Click Here

Whether you want to get rid of apartment odor or desire to give it a decorative outlook, a candle warmer is a great choice for you. This candle wax melt is made of silver mercury and comes in a hobnail pattern.

It is also manifested with golden light, which gives a bright color when glows. This unique design wax melt can fragrant room atmosphere as well as ambiance. An incorporated halogen bulb is used to heat the wax melts. These warm wax melts subtly deliver the scent.

Design & Quality:
Candle Warmers Etc. provides 100% high-quality wax materials which are made of paraffin.  So, it’s comparatively efficient than any scented gels or sprays. Besides, it retains the fragrance for more time than other products. The soft and smooth glow of the halogen bulb creates a unique environment.


  • Lasts a lengthy time
  • Measures 5.51 x 5.51 x 7.87 inches
  • The weight stands at 1.7 pounds
  • The ending style is a reflective glaze


  • New style product with a beautiful smell
  • Great decoration item
  • Pollutants and flame-free
  • Best gift for seasonal occasions


  • Halogen bulb related issues


If you are searching for some useful items which have the efficiency of making your apartment smelling better, you should try it.

5. Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Product Link: Click Here

This Aromatherapy comes with 10 scents within one package. The essential oils can create a fabulous fragrance in your apartment. Their wide selection of pure and natural oils provides a perfect mood with an excellent environment. It gives you not only some relaxing times but also an ideal solution for all of your activities. It has no hazardous effects on health. It doesn’t irritate sinuses patients since it’s completely smoke-free.

Also, this product ensures safety. This essential oil diffuser uses a cool mist and no flames, so it’s easy usable and secure for kids. Advanced Ultrasonic Cool mist technology is used to manufacture this item. It disperses maximal steam in both small and large rooms.

Design & Quality:
This natural air freshener has some excellent aromatherapy amenities. These qualities are something extraordinary that anyone will quickly like. You should change your air-freshener or spray and just give it a try. Its unique features will soon make it your favorite item. Also, provides some clinical benefits. This soothing aromatherapy can reduce your stress and anxiety and significantly can make your sleep better. If you are suffering from chronic health diseases, you can keep it in your living room for some refreshing times.


  • Shut-off options work automatically
  • Great quality product
  • Maximum oil storage capacity is 400 ml
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 6x6x6 inches
  • 6 numerous essential oils for different moods


  • Assures safety
  • Convenient to use
  • No warmth is needed
  • Stress-relieving fragrant with a gentle feeling


  • No complexity
  • Quite expensive


This one is perfect for a lousy apartment odor. If you face severe problems due to the fetid smell of apartments, you should undoubtedly purchase it.

6. Febreze Plug-in Air Freshener

Product Link: Click Here

Looking for something convenient odor reducer for your apartment? You should try Febreze Plug-in Air Freshener. Its fresh scent lets you start your morning in a beautiful mind. It continuously supplies fragrance and relatively more potent than any other plug-in air fresheners.

Even it lasts for a long time. This air freshener provides two different options for scent. You can easily install it in any place like a kitchen, bath, living room, and wherever you want. The refreshing smell can make one feel healthy as well as strong.

Design & Quality:
There is no dangerous chemical compound like formaldehyde, propellants, and phthalates. So, it’s entirely safe for use. When you activate it, it covers the full area with 2X speed. It’s perfect for apartment fetor as it suitably eliminates the fabric odors. If you don’t get time for laundry or stowing dirty clothes, you should use it regularly in your apartment.


  • Properly reduces air odors
  • Gives a refreshing environment for 1200 hours
  • Oil tank remains for 60 days
  • Measures 1.62 x 5.55 x 6.25 inches


  • Offers a clean scent
  • Soothing experience
  • Covers the full area
  • Long-lasting air freshener


  • Customers show their problem with fragrance quality


Want to get rid of that stinky smell of fabric? Febreze Plug-in Air Freshener could be a perfect solution for you.

7. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Product Link: Click Here

If you are sensitive to scent, it can be a good pickup for you. The best part of this product, it’s easy to maintain and utilize. It provides fresh and clean air, free from all types of dust and odors. So, you can take some relaxed and pure breath in it. This charcoal bag doesn’t contain any fragrance. Since it absorbs all harmful materials and hazardous allergens, it’s a practical addition for your reeky smell apartment.

Design & Quality:
This product offers some superb facilities. It protects your bags, clothes, fabrics, or items from molds, fungal, and bacterial effects. The activated charcoal bag is made of entirely natural products that assure safety.


  • Can be used for two years
  • Coats approximately 90 squares
  • The overall measurement is  16.51 x 3.81 x 15.24 cm
  • Made of bamboo charcoal


  • Works great in small places
  • The natural product gives you a nice feeling
  • Affordable price


  • Not for large rooms


Some people don’t like the artificial scent or any type of fragrance; they can choose it without any hesitation as it’s entirely unscented.

Things to Consider Before Buying

To find a solution to how to make your apartment smell good, the main point is to consider some essential factors, because if you mistakenly buy the wrong product, it’s cost a lot of money.

As everyone has different requirements, so there is a quite probability that a few of these factors may seem more important to you or some less. Before setting your mind to purchase these items, you have to take into account some must-have features.

1. Room space

Whether you buy air-freshener, humidifier, essential oils, or scented candles, you must have to consider your room space. If your apartment is large, you should choose something strong and powerful odor eliminators. On the other side, you shouldn’t have to give that much effort for a small room. Any medium level air-fresheners or an essential oil diffuser can conveniently remove the small room’s bad smell. So, before you intend to buy it, you should look at that issue.

2. Price

Price is an essential factor when it comes to buying any product. You should find something suitable that can give you the best service yet at an affordable rate. Naturally, you can’t get all facilities from an individual product. Pick one which suits most of your requirements.

3. Intensity of smell

This is the central issue that you have to take into consideration. If your apartment smell is too much strength as you guys don’t clean it regularly, you should choose an effective odor eliminator like a charcoal bag or essential oil diffuser for that harsh odor. But in case of less amount of odor, air-freshener or sprays are enough to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can you make your work apartment smell better?

You can use some air-freshener, dryer sheets, humidifier, or essential oil diffuser to make your apartment smelling better than previously.

  1. Which DIY materials can make your apartment smell good?

You can mix some essential oils like lemon, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and many others. Give it a perfect fragrance as you wish and make it based on your taste. Moreover, you can also make gelatin air freshener, herbal wrath, carpet refresher, deodorizing spray, etc. to reduce funky smells.

  1. Which one is the best air freshener?

Febreze air freshener is the best product in the current market. Its fragrance not so much intense and don’t irritate any fragrance sensitive people.

  1. What absorbs bad smell in apartments?

You can use activated charcoal bags, baking soda, and dryer sheets to soak up the dirty molecules and odors from your apartment.


It can be challenging for you to keep your small apartment clean since you share this with another person. In this article, we have attached some necessary information based on apartment odors and how you can solve these problems. If you give it a read, you can get some perfect solutions to improve your apartment conditions. We have also included the seven best unique air purifier products for your refreshing and comfortable apartment life.

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