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How To Survive Cold Season in the Apartments

Apartment Essentials February 19, 2019

By now you’ve probably realized that once one person comes back to the floor or suite sick, everyone’s getting that exact virus before the weekend even begins. There’s probably no way to avoid it, what with communal bathrooms, door knobs touched by everyone, and vents that are all connected. So rather then rail Emergen-C or Airborne like it’s the drugs you can’t afford, start prepping for the sickness like it’s dooms day, and you’ll be able to survive this Mad Max world of apartment colds. Take a look at the list of all our cold essentials if you want to have everything ready to fight the colds. But for now, lets get to the three most basic tips of surviving the cold season in the apartments.


The campus’ grocery store undoubtedly has the sustenance you need to make it through. But don’t go off the deep end with the idea that “any food will help fuel your body through fighting this.” Because I can tell you from personal experience that Hot Cheetos and vodka is not a real remedy. Think back to what you had as a kid: orange juice, chicken noodle soup—saltines if you’re puking. You can definitely load up on these with your meal plan money rather than spend it on chocolates at the check out. Speaking of basics: wash your hands often. Everyone is touching everything, so the most important time to do this is before you eat. For those that detest the thought of the added work, on the go hand sanitizer will help do the trick.


Unless it’s the invite formal your romantic partner finally asked you to, or the theme party of the frat you are sweetheart to, try to take the occasional rest and stay in your bed this weekend. That house party your friend might have heard of will be way less fun than clocking REM cycles and feeling better the next day. If you are such a social butterfly that this advice seems crippling, limit yourself to only going out one night this weekend, and try to limit alcohol: it makes your immune cells just as much of a shit show as you become. When staying in, check out our full advice on avoiding viruses in the apartments here.


Cover your mouth! You know this is miserable! Don’t let this cold be the first time you decide to snoop through your roommate’s closet! (Let’s be honest you did that the third week in once you figured out her schedule.) Take a antibacterial wipe to surfaces you both touch like the mini fridge and microwave. This wins you good roommate points and good karma, which all ads up to a kick ass spring break trip. This also means being mindful of not sharing things when sick – whether it’s a glass to drink or smoke out of.

When you’re starting to get under the weather, it’s time to rest up and take some DayQuil or NyQuil, say goodbye to the alcohol and parties, and just get some good fashioned rest.

So here’s to the common cold that you will never be able to avoid, but will always be prepared to survive!

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