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The Best Apartment Night Light

Apartment Essentials November 30, 2021

When you’re living in the apartments at apartment, you will need to take care of yourself as well as accommodate the needs of roommates, which may lead to getting a apartment night light. A good apartment night light will provide the right amount of light for those up late at night or afraid of the dark, whether in your apartment, bathroom, or living room. Here’s our apartment essentials top 5 apartment night lights for providing comforting light without keeping your roommates up.

1. Plug in Apartment Night Light, Warm White LED Nightlight, Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Built-in smart light sensor, automatically lights up when ambient light is insufficient. 2700K Soft warm white glow, easy for eyes, ideal light for night time safety, convenience and security. 0.3W LED without bulb replacement, less than 25 cents cost for annual power consumption. up to 50,000 hours lifespan. UL list approval.

2. Plug-in Led Apartment Night Light with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Adjustable Brightness

BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTABLE – You can adjust the Warm white brightness from 0 lm to 15 lm with a slide switch. You’re able to set your desired brightness on different occasions to provide the best using experience. AUTOMATIC ILLUMINATION – With smart dusk to dawn sensor, the night light will auto turns on at night or when ambient lighting becomes insufficient.

3. Vont ‘Lyra’ LED Apartment Night Light, Plug-in [6 Pack]

THE PERFECT BRIGHTNESS – Our smart apartment night lights provide just the right amount of light to walk around your house without turning your main lights on. Not too bright, not too dim. Just the right touch. SMART ILLUMINATION 💡 – Automatically turns on as the ambient light becomes insufficient. Intelligently adjusts itself throughout the night. Say goodbye to stubbed toes and say hi to a smarter home.

4. Dimmable Apartment Night Light Plug in, Vintage LED Dusk to Dawn Sensor Night Light, Adjustable Brightness

This stunning decorative apartment night light can illuminate your house or space. The geometric design complements the existing decoration, with the visual enjoyment of retro/antique style and industrial design advantages, bringing a new life to your apartment. Light sensing technology turns the night light off during the day and on at night. Slide dimming button to adjust the brightness.

5. Moon Lamp, 16 Color LED Apartment Night Light Moon Light with Stand & Remote

Moon lamp with the diameter is 4.8 INCH, made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon shape, the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the lunar moon, novelty and charming. Apartment Night Light with 16 color RGB, and the 16 colors can flash or fade or strobe, dreamlike and creative decorative lights.

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