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Top 8 Apartment Ceiling Design Ideas For Small Rooms


Amazing apartment ceiling designs are what make your bedroom or living room aesthetically appealing and set a jolly mood. Whether you live with your family, partner, or alone, staring at your beautifully designed ceilings can make you feel calm and happy after the end of a tiring day. It can help personalize your room to your style and design.

Decorating a big ceiling is somewhat easy considering the fact that there are endless possibilities to decorate a big interior. On the contrary, having a small apartment bedroom or living room leaves you with very limited choices. If the bedroom ceiling design of a small bedroom is too extravagant, it might make the room congested and claustrophobic. Hence, the right choices must be made while choosing small bedroom ceiling designs. With budgets being increasingly important, our list of apartment ceiling designs was created with your budget in mind.

Starting from various drywall ceiling designs to modern ceilings of many shapes made out of POP, there are numerous varieties of ceiling designs that can give your small bedroom a makeover that radiates your taste and personality. If you have a small apartment bedroom or living room and you cannot figure out how to decorate it, then here is a highly tailored list of the top 8 small bedroom ceiling design ideas which cater to your needs:

1. Ceiling Designs That Add Elegance To Your Bedroom: Modern Recessed Lighted Ceiling

Many people may think that bedroom ceiling designs are only a way to increase the beauty of the bedroom and thus a waste of money. However, creative ceiling designs can not only add to the aesthetic appeal, but it has a practical use as well. Most modern ceiling designs come with recessed light bulbs that specifically solve the need to install light bulbs in the sidewall and make a small bedroom a bit more clogged. On top of that, various shapes and sizes of the ceiling designs can hide the electric wires and maintain their sleek and chic look.

2. A Touch of Wood To Create an Aesthetic Ambience: Wooden Float Ceilings

The floating ceiling design is admired worldwide by both designers and property owners for the illusion that it creates. It is one of the less complicated yet dazzling-looking designs that can make your bedroom look magnificent. Adding a wooden finish in a floating design makes it much more classy. As the wooden floating ceiling design is very simple, it is very suitable for small bedrooms since a ceiling design that is too loud can make a room appear depressing. Looking for a bit less wood? Faux wood beams are another way to add the rustic wood feel to your ceiling, without actually providing structural support to your room.

3. Minimalist, Practical and Classy: Multi-Layer Tray Ceiling

It is important to keep the ceiling designs minimalist and practical in a small bedroom. Given the shortage of space, if the decorations take too much space, there simply will not be enough space to install the essential products. Multi-layer Tray Ceiling design solves this problem. After completion, the design looks like an upside-down tray with multiple layers. The design is beautiful, and it is very handy for people who are willing to install a fan in their bedroom. Tray ceilings allow the use of recessed LED lights, which diminishes the need to use any other lights and keeps the room layout simple and elegant. 

4. Coffered Ceiling: Designs That Make You Feel Like A King

The use of coffered ceilings dates back to the time of Roman emperors. Although the design is very archaic, it gives any bedroom a very elegant and royal look. Many recesses in this design allow the use of LED light in those recesses while freeing up space in the side walls. Coffered design often gives an illusion of height, and thus, using a coffered design in a small bedroom will make the room look bigger than it is, in fact. Also, coffered ceilings are very useful in masking architectural hurdles such as wiring, pipes, etc. 

5. Show Stealer Shiplap Ceilings

 Shiplaps are an all-time classic when it comes to bedroom ceiling designs. Shiplaps make an interior look classy. Apart from its simple and classy look, the shiplap design is admired by people for its longevity. Being made of around 4 inches thickness, shiplap designs are very durable. Another advantage of this design is that it is very easy to install. Even very few tools are required to install the shiplap panels. Cleaning shiplap ceilings is one of the easiest things on the face of Earth. Hence, if you are on a budget but you want to make a ceiling that leaves everyone awestruck, go for shiplap ceilings.  

6. Circular POP Designs: A design With Millions Of Admirers

 There are no limits to geometrical patterns that can be made using POP. Circular POP designs are very popular among architects and ceiling design enthusiasts among all those designs. The circular design creates a hollow which is ideal for hanging fans or different kinds of illumination. Plaster of Paris, otherwise known as POP, is a very durable material for building false ceilings, and can optionally be painted as well. Since the circular design is made out of POP, there is no doubt that it is durable. Also, the material keeps the interior of a room comparatively cold. Therefore, the use of Circular POP designs also contributes to energy efficiency.  

7. Wallpapered ceilings: Old But Never Out of Trend

As the heading suggests, the origin of wallpaper ceilings might be old, but it has never gone out of trend. Rather, wallpaper ceilings have become more and more popular day by day, and now they are being used worldwide. The main advantage of wallpapered ceilings is that any pattern and design can be inscribed on the wallpaper sheets. So, even the most imaginative and complex pattern can be pulled off using tin ceiling designs. The real cherry on the top when it comes to wallpapered ceilings is that it is insanely easy to remove or change. You can find the right wallpaper for your current apartment theme. This includes a tin ceiling style which was very popular in the 1900s.

8. LED Light Strips: Hidden Behind Molding

While this isn’t a design in itself, adding LED light strips to the perimeter of your ceiling in a concealed manner behind corner molding is an incredible way to set a colored atmosphere for yourself or any guests. These LEDs can be multicolor and controlled by a remote, synched to audio/music, or set to ambiently change color.



Ceilings are a very important component of a room that offers a view of a mostly uninterrupted interior part. Transforming a ceiling using correct materials and creative designs, a mundane room can be turned into a room from some palace. Increasing the beauty of the bedroom is not the only thing that ceiling designs do. While ceiling designs increase the beauty of a room with the help of different shapes and colors, it also makes the house energy efficient. Different shapes of ceiling designs create a room for installing LED lights in the recesses and edges. It mitigates the necessity of buying and hanging tube lights that use more energy than LED bulbs. Moreover, these ceiling designs keep the room cold. Hence, the use of Fans and AC is contained because of ceiling designs. Having a small yet beautiful bedroom gives a sense of happiness to a person after a tiring day of work. So even if you have a small room, having a beautiful apartment ceiling design can go a long way to make your day-to-day life beautiful. 

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