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Decorating Your Apartment For The Holidays

Apartment Essentials November 27, 2018

I remember coming back from my first Thanksgiving Break my freshman year excited to wrap up workes, but more importantly: bring out all my red and green party gear for holiday frat parties. But the next question I would start thinking about is how to decorate my apartment for the holidays. How do I go about decorating your apartment for the holidays? I also remember returning to my apartment, sad that I had a bigger bed at my childhood home, but having that feeling immediately disappear when my roommate showed up with a literal Santa Claus sack full of decorations.

Now if you’re not that lucky enough to have a roommate who has glistening ornaments, bushy wreaths, and cats-wearing-Santa-hat-shaped everything’s, don’t fret and become the Grinch of the Hall. Here are some easy ways to start decorating your apartment that are basically free.

THE MAGIC WHITE BOARD (and/or Corkboard)

You’ve been meaning to update your schedule on this beautiful blank space, and put up pictures of friends both old and new, but some how you haven’t truly taken full advantage of the board as you had thought. Now’s the time to break out the Red & Green Expo Markers (or Blue & Gold, or whatever we’re all socially accepting as holiday themed this year) and get to drawing. Come on, spruce & fir trees are easy to draw!


Alright, so this one might be a “no no” for some apartments, but it’s not like you actually heeded the advice to not have alcohol and weed in your room, so why let a candle that smells like gingerbread light up your room for one hour at 1 AM every night?  Even if you’re too afraid to light it, in fear of being caught by your property manager or burning down a 100+ person occupancy building, just having it around and being able to take a huge whiff when finals hit will help keep you sane.


If the breaking rules in the last one doesn’t scare you, and you somehow have time to turn into a sorority girl and craft while cramming for finals you’ll enjoy this next one. Get that empty bottle of SVEDKA or SKYY and use olive oil to get the sticky label off. Then use paint that can be applied to glass, or just dunk it in glue then glitter and voila! Holiday vase that you can throw some flowers into! Take a picture of this and send it to your mom to show her “everything is fine!” while you have a mental breakdown after finding out the Stats Final is cumulative.


We all know wrapping paper is a holiday staple when it comes to wrapping up that gift for siblings, roommates, or just a white elephant that’s going on. But you know what else it’s great at wrapping? Doors. With a little bit of wrapping paper, scissors, and tape, you can quickly wrap your door and become the bell of the ball of your apartment floor. If your feeling extra festive, you could even through on a bow right in the middle.

And if none of these ideas suit your fancy, just buy some form of string lights. They look super festive around the holidays, and then turn into gorgeous mood lighting for the rest of the year. Because let’s be honest, you’re not actually going to get around to taking any of these decorations down.

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