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Before You Leave your Apartment for the Holidays

Apartment Essentials December 22, 2018

With most apartments giving a whole month break (this will be the last time you have such freedom in your life, enjoy every second of it) you’ll have plenty of time to spend sitting around at home thinking about how much you miss being constantly surrounded by noise, but more importantly: your friends. So what should you do before you leave the apartment for holidays? The last thing that you want thrown into this angsty reminiscing for frattier days, is the paranoia that you forgot something important in your apartment. Here’s all the best tips and tricks on how not to ruin your holidays with irksome obsession.

Write Out Your Day

You don’t want to pack up your entire closet—you won’t wear 60 days worth of clothing in 30, at most you’ll wear 2 outfits—but you also don’t want to under-pack your toothbrush. So make a list of an average day for you, and what you need. Don’t forget things that might be plugged into walls like phone & laptop chargers!

You Don’t Need That Milk

Make sure to go through your fridge, dry food supply, and let’s be honest, your night stand and throw out any perishable foods. This is also a great time to just clean your room of all the open pieces of food the ants haven’t gotten to yet. The goldfish crackers you dropped behind your bed during your Welcome Week Black out are still there. Unless of course, you were hoping a family of cockroaches would be your new roommates for the spring semester.

Hide The Goods

Rather, take them with you. A lot of apartments ban paraphernalia from apartments (even things like shot glasses, flasks, bongs, pipes, etc.,) so the last thing you actually want to get written up for are the things you put inside them. Make sure to do a sweep of your stashes to prevent the anxiety ridden four weeks off you’ll have when you hear the rumor that the property manager’s do a random “apartment inspection.”

 And since it’s the holidays…Don’t Forget The Presents!

You may have seen some of our ideas on what to get your roommates awhile back. While your roommate probably got you a funny book or glass object from Urban Outfitters that can be left in the room, you don’t want to forget to pack all the gifts you planned to give your family! You’ll look like a real apartment asshole if you show up to your childhood home, showered in presents, only to respond with, “I promise I’ll get your gift to you by Spring Break.”

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